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Could someone do a quick test if you have FTX NCA & QW757 in 2.2

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I am using the patched version of 2.2 and I'm trying to avoid the wholesale reinstall of everything as some have said this didn't improve perf for them.  I do plan on a whole cleanup--reformat, total new install minus FSX which is installed along w/ P3D on my single SSD now, but I'm trying to hold off a little longer if possible.  Never sure what stuff I have to reinstall and what stuff I don't for this scenario.  


At one of the medium gates at KSMF, current date, pre-dusk, seeing 22 fps up to 28 fps taxiing, then stays in the very low 20's taking off south and stays around the low 20 to mid 20s.  I'm using FTXG, mesh, NCA, and weather/clouds very very light.  Changing sliders doesn't seem to change much of anything.  I'm using the same AffinityMask=4062 and CPU utilization is what it should be and as I always have w/ good results.  In fact, when I fly out of rural KCIC in the RA Duke frames stay in the high 40's.  The 757 seems to really tank and it's not smooth which I see as secondary to the lower frame rate. This is a deterioration over 2.0 and 2.1 for certain in this scenario.  Flying towards the Bay Area from there and it gets uglier still. 


Thanks in advance.

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