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How to properly record the PMDG 737 using FS Recorder?

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I am hoping somebody could explain the process in how to properly record the PMDG 737. I've tried to find tutorials but most are just the finished product of a video and never explain what settings were used. 


Like for using FS Recorder what should I set the record interval at. I think the default is 1/4 of a second or something. Is that correct or should that be changed? Should I check all the options that are available to be recorded?


So far I understand I need to record a flight. Then play it back and while doing that I need to start the video rendering. I found a tutorial on those settings. 


Now I came across something that said FS Recorder saves 3 panel states or something in the PMDG folder but I can't find those files anywhere in there to make a change to one of them that when the playback begins the plane will be in the proper state and not have a bunch of the warnings and whistles going off. Is there another place the FS recorder files are saved to?


Another thing is recording the sound. What is the best way to record the sound and get it into the video? I read that using the sound in the playback isn't smart because it won't be synced up to what is happening on the screen. 


Or maybe I have this process totally wrong and somebody could explain a step by step process of what to do. Or if there is a easier way to go about recording stuff in FSX using different programs please feel free to let me know. 




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