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Help Reorganizing with New SSD

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Took me long enough but I finally ordered the 500GB 840 Evo ssd.


Here's my current pre SSD setup:


(a bunch of drives swapped in from old build and this is how unorganized I've been for the last three years)


FSX - B: sata2 120GB SSD

Win7 and all other programs - C: 7200 rpm 1TB HDD

Random install files (FSX is on here instead of DVD install) - D: 10k 36GB raptor

Photo / general storage /FSX addon backups - E: - 256GB 7200 rpm HDD


Additional storage for photos 2x 1TB externals


When my new drive arrives I want to end up with a fresh Win7 install (hoping it will cure my random boot blackscreens after windows logo) on the old FSX B: SSD.  I'd then like to install FSX, XP10 and BF4 on the 500GB SSD.


I'd like to keep the C, D, and E drives intact.  But I'd like the old SSD to be the master boot drive with Win7.  Am I screwed with the C: ?  Will I need to reinstall all my programs like Photoshop and Lightroom or is there a way to make those programs' registries find Windows on the old SSD?


Also I only intend to plug in the old SSD initially during Win7 install.  In the past I've had issues where Win7 will put a 100MB reserved partition on the first drive it sees.  Which brings be to another question.  Will I have to reorganize my drive letters?


I suppose ideally it would be nice to lose the D and E drives - wasted space I could backup externally.  Except I prefer to keep my photo drives only photos and no data.


Installing FSX hopefully will be the hardest part of all... just a long process....


So any suggestions?  

|Ryan Butterworth|

| i7 4790K@4.4GHz | 32GB RAM | EVGA GTX 1080Ti | ASUS Z97-Pro | 1TB 860 Evo | 500GB 840 Evo Win10 Pro | 1TB Samsung 7200rpm | Seasonic X750W |



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