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Problems with cockpit view in Just Flights A320

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Good Morning all,


I am experiencing a problem and i am hoping, maybe one of you can help me with this. I am quite a FSX-Newbie, but playing for a few months. I like to fly easily a few hours after work and therefore I prefer the Flite series from Just Flight. Few months ago i started with their Airbus Long Haul collection and it worked quite well. Recently I bought their A320 Jetliner and installed it. And there is my problem: the installation was quite normal, the planes are present in the free flight menu, but when I start a free flight the cockpit view is allover black. The virtual cockpit view shows all instruments as normal, and external views are normal as well. Only the cockpit view is all black, no instruments, no graphics at all. When pressing "W" I get a normal view in front of me, but repeating "W" there is the black screen again. Only visible is the aircraft sign (e.g. AE-B2740) and the shortcut list (e.g. Overhead panel, kneeboard etc.). If i press a shortcut, a new black window appears. Only correct appearance ist the FMC.

This occurs only in the A320, other planes behave normally. Does anyone have a hint for me?

My system: I7, Nvidia 760 Ti, 8 GB Ram, Windows 8.1

Addons: REX, Ultimate Terrain, German Airports 2, AES, Just Flight Airbus Long Haul, Justflight 767


Thank you in advance.



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