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Another way to contact SimRoutes?

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Forgive me for posting an off topic post, but I posted this in the FSX forum three days ago and did not even get one view let alone any responses so I am posting here since more people in this forum would use SimRoutes.


Since February 9th, 2014 I have sent numerous emails to the admin at SimRoutes.  In the past they have always responded, I may have had to resend the email, but someone always responded.


Since 2/9 I have sent four emails and a fifth email from work in case my home emails were not getting through.  I am asking them to add KEDC to there data base.  I am getting no response and KEDC has not been added.  In the past they have always responded to requests like this.


I have no idea if my emails are getting through or not.


Does anyone have another way to contact them rather than the contact email on their website?  Or does anyone know of a sim forum that someone from SimRoutes is an active member?


Rod Storer

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