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P3D v2.2. recorder enhancements

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The release notes for P3D v2.2. mentioned enhancements to the recorder utility that is built into P3D.


I tried it and didn't really see any difference when compared to the older versions. Is there a config file or hidden menu that lets one enable disable what items to record. My biggest issue is that the recording doesn't properly record the surface movements (flaps, airbrakes etc)


FSRecorder utility used to do a very good job of this but unfortunately I can't get it to run in v 2.2.


Below is the blurb from the release notes:


A New Recording and Playback System

The new recording and playback system was developed around the idea of giving instructors, developers, and users the power to record and playback data that is relevant to their training scenario. The goal was to convert the traditional flight recorder into a tool that could be used as an after action review of training scenarios. With that goal in mind, the flight recorder was overhauled and updated. It is now a full simulation recorder. The new system will record and playback more capabilities and interactions; no longer is it just the user’s flight position. For instance, the new record and playback system has support for mission features, air traffic, boats, ground vehicles, weather, weapons, and a swath of other simulation capabilities. The user will be able to specify what simulation variables, along with what gauge variables, to record and playback. A new playback control window has been developed that displays relevant recording information. It allows users to play/pause, change simulation speed, and select bookmarks. Bookmarks are a completely new feature that allows seeking to a specific location of a recording. They can be inserted in recordings by creating checkpoints (AutoSaving) in missions.

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