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  1. Ses, Is this the one you are referring to ?
  2. thanks for the headsup! I was going nuts trying to figure this one out.
  3. stryder011

    FS Global 2010 FTX for Version 3.1

    I have it installed on 3.1. Default installation steps no issues. However I have the downloaded version. Is it possible its a bad disc, maybe clean it a bit or copy the files to disk and try installing from it.
  4. stryder011

    Blurries blurries blurries

    Neither. I tried them both and saw no visible difference so removed them.
  5. stryder011

    Blurries blurries blurries

    I was having the same issue and tried every tweak in the book, including renaming my cfg and letting P3D re-create it. Finally after several tries this is what finally helped. I know its different for every system but you might want to give it a try. I am running on a i7 quad core (HT disabled). [TERRAIN] SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=30
  6. stryder011

    REX Weather......

    Any timelines on when we can expect it to be available ?
  7. Appreciate the post Steve. Very detailed, on topic and informative. Regards, - Hasan
  8. Interesting find. Just a quick note, the earlier topic posted about VAS stress test flight i had taken around NYC without OOM with NYC X and NYC X Airports installed was also done with HT off. But my reason for HT off are different, I keep it off to achive higher clock on the CPU.
  9. stryder011

    P3Dv3 G-sync

    yeah.. itching to try it out. But currently not in stock anywhere.
  10. stryder011

    P3Dv3 G-sync

    I've tried gsync with P3D and its absolutely amazing! I'm just waiting for something bigger than 30" to come out that supports it before buying.
  11. stryder011

    REX Weather......

    May the "force" be with it..... Certainly looks NextGen stuff with respect to weather generation.
  12. stryder011

    1/2 refresh rate

    yeah.. the key i think is to have vsync on.
  13. stryder011

    1/2 refresh rate

    I would like to know if this is possible as well. My monitor does not support 30Hz, but I did get access to one that does and setting it to 30 and then locking frames at 30 got me smoothness that I am not able to reproduce on my monitor. The nv setting it seems doesn't work in a windowed mode.
  14. stryder011

    P3D V3 Stress Test

    V3 has HDR controls built into the sim config screen. Its very easy to control the colors and their brightness leves. The colors on my screen are not that bright, I'm not sure why they came out like that in the capture. Regards - Hasan