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nVidia Inspector...a tip, and a primary one...

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Folks, I can't remember where someone, (not me...) found out that you should always delete any custom profile you have altered and/or created after you have saved them all, of course. Then, with any new driver installation, you should firstly delete all the default profiles that came with that new driver install


For instance;







....and then IMPORT your saved custom profiles.  The reason as explained by the poster, is that in actuality, the profile that has the latest create date, is the one that is used by nVidia Inspector when an *.exe is called up by that Profile.  You might have to date, assumed that when you import, the 'created date' is overwritten. So...you might think that your custom profile is being used, but in the nVidia Inspector roster, it still sees the latest notary by the driver install, and there will be a conflict or mixmax of what is actually going to drive the driver.


Here is an application of this...and how I fixed a serious graphic anomaly.  This morning, as I finished installing all of my ORBX custom regional's, a serious problem with elevation graphics came up in Northern California, and other elevations, other than Base Global. I had only leggo blocks of large, unformed mountains and hills, with no visual rendition or detail of graphics. Of course it looked horrible. 


So, with taking in the advice about nVidia Inspector Custom Profiles, and that you should first delete all profiles that came with the latest Driver Suite...delete them right off the bat...and then to reintroduce back your saved Custom (manipulated by the User) Profiles...I did just that.  That is ALL that I did, before firing up P3D, and finding, low and behold, beautifully rendered elevations...mountains that looked as good as anything else.  Please understand, that I did not tweak anything on any of the profiles before I fired up P3D. They were as I had previously manipulated them, and only did I just import then again, after the stock profiles were first deleted.  So...it works...and I can only wonder (for I had never heard about this..or had done it) how many problems that I had over the years with FSX, etc..could have been attributed to the fact that what I thought was driving my *.exe config...was perhaps...not.


Try it...the next time you grab a new driver, or re-install the one you are using....delete all of your stock simulation profiles...and ONLY then, import them back from what you saved. Now..nVidia Inspector will use that profile, instead of one that has a newer creation date.  Happy flying!

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