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Replace muddy water by dark green water

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Can you please help me with this.

I am running FSX, water effects set to Low 1.x

The reason of that setting is that the water colors reminds me of the FS9 water colors.

I enjoy it that way except one thing: I don't like the muddy water which did not exist in FS9.

I think that the type of water is determined by the landclass/waterclass so I don't want to redo the water classes worldwide 

What I would like to do is replace the default FSX muddy water texture by the dark/deep green water texture.

Do you know the names of those water textures and where they are located?


In the screenshot below, the blue box shows the colour I like (dark/deep green) and the red bow shows the colour (muddy) I don't like.


PS: Yes I aware of FS Water Configurator (works only with high water effects), REX, etc. for alternatives textures but at this time I cannot consider those.



- TONY -


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