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Have you used higher Custom Resolutions thru Nvidia Control Panel?

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I tried this yesterday and indeed it works:  http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=6964


Despite the fact you lose the highest image clarity by staying in native resolution mode higher resolutions don't hurt the IQ at all in P3D and in fact IQ improves, in particular aliased edges, as one might expect w/ higher resolutions.   My Dell's native is 1920x1200.  So I stuck w/ 16:9 multiples and went all the way to 2880x1880x32, changing the resolution for fullscreen in prepar3d.cfg and wow, impressive.  Probably because I am using NI's SUPERVCAA_64x_4x w/ 2x SGSS performance fell noticeably w/ the much higher resolution.  I scaled back to 2500x1500 and returned to close to normal performance.   If you've tried this though Nvidia puts a prominent warning that you can harm your monitor doing this.  What i'm not sure is exactly how, or more importantly, are there particular settings (for example, using a different aspect ratio than default) that increase risk of problems.  One person on the thread above said he hosed his ASUS screen doing this.  So, I returned to default after reading about this misfortune.


Any thoughts on how to control risk for this?  It really is a nice find for IQ, but...


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