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Odd Behavior of Helo's in FSX

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i have a very odd issue wondering if anyone knows what this could be as i am running out of ideas and drives me crazy and haven't been able to find anything that might help, anyways on to problem:


* when i fly helos lets say in Alaska or anywhere in the mountain regions, helos will fly with full control up to certain altitude at which point it feels like controls freeze and i can only control throttle and then pitch yaw will freeze or lock in certain position for a few seconds, and then as soon as i lower down below lets say 8000 i have full control,  i tried this with default helo's, Cera Bell 222, and this appears only related to helo's, any other aircraft i can go 60k altitude no issues.


for example i was flying in Alaska (orbx) towards (Pagy) from one of the small airfields and had to hop a ridge, at about 8k ridge suddenly my controls froze and i could turn left or right or pitch up down until i came down below 8k using throttle (throttle control never freezes).


has anyone seen anything like that?








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Helicopters in FSX/FS9 aren't modeled worth a darn. The AIR files need modification, the aircraft files are largely inaccurate, the modeling of the physics is abomiable.


Having said all that, they CAN be fixed, and a small, frame-rate friendly in the extreme, add-on named Helicopter Total Realism v1.5 will sole 90% of the rest of the trouble. It's available on Hovercontrol, simply DL it and all the add-on .cfg profiles you may need, then run it after your helo is sitting on the pad ready to rock. You may need to modify the .cfg file for your particular system a little but the  program includes instructions in PDF format that are detailed yet easy to follow for the amateur.

You will need FSUIPC, but most everyone has that going on their system anyway.

To get the .air and aircraft.cfg files properly set up, there is, again on Hovercontrol, a fantastic set if instructions from Jordan Moore, of of the great helo designers, on how to tweak what and where, and when and...It's in the articles section, broken into two, simple, easy to follow sections. I have them Bookmarked for handy easy reference.



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