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  1. PhantomTweak

    Approach lights strobe not working

    You might try adjusting the values for those lights in your FSX.CFG file. Make a back-up before doing ANY editing!! Open the FSX.CFG file in Notepad, included with Windows. Scan down through it for the heading [Display] . Under that heading should be 4 lines, that look like this: RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=1.27 //scales edge, center, end, touchdown, runways RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.77 // scales VASI lights) RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.77 // scales approach light bars RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=0.77 //scales RAILs and ODALs) If the lines shown don't exist, add them yourself. To adjust a certain effect, like the VASI lights, for example, increase the number after the = (equals) sign. Only adjust it a couple of tenths at a time. You'll have to completely shut FSX down and restart it to see the effect the changes have made. I don't know if this will solve the problem, but I've found it quite useful. Hope this helps a little... Pat☺
  2. PhantomTweak

    What is proper way to use trim in helicopter?

    FSX implemented a force trim feature. Hit CTRL+SHFT+U and it's activated, again to deactivate. I only use it, though, in birds without a force trim "gauge" of some sort. When using HTR, it really works great. Then again, I am a huge fan of that software, given how well FS9/X didn't model in helicopter forces. You might to take a glance through the forum on If it's info for flight sim helicopters, they know it, as well as RW stuff. They have some excellent for-real Aeronautical Engineers, as well as a number of real world helicopter pilots. Pretty darn good site. They have a couple of info articles on how to make the sim model helicopters as best it can too, by Jordan Moore (who is also a darn good helicopter developer!). Check them out, and his Personal Edition Bell-412. One of the best around, as far as I know. Just my 2 cents worth, if it's even worth that Pat☺
  3. PhantomTweak

    PAC2202 Yuma - Amarillo in the 777F

    Boy, O BOY, don't I know it! I lived there for nearly 30 years, and y'know what? I despised the place every second I was there! I hate Yuma with a passion. Other than that, Mrs. Lincon, how did you enjoy the play? Great pics, thanx for NOT including any Yuma pics. I sure appreciate it! Great flights, and fair weather! Pat☺
  4. PhantomTweak

    Two from KCHO

    Thank you, Pugilist Pat☺
  5. PhantomTweak

    Two from KCHO

    Meant and made with only the greatest respect and gratitude! The P-51D "The Flying Undertaker" from Mark "fire Ball" Rooks, and based on Roger Dial's great model. Scenery by Dale Caruso. The destination for our Memorial Flight. Inspiration by and great gratitude to Mr. Allensworth. Soaring to the clouds. I can't think of a more fitting screencap to post. Thanks for taking a look. Pat☺
  6. PhantomTweak

    help with UTC time

    When I was in the Corps, Zulu time was the universal reference. It made life so much, especially when communicating or travelling between bases that might be in different time zones, or in zones that did or did not use DST. For example, MCAS Yuma, AZ is in a state that doesn't use DST at all (YAAAY!! I HATE DST! Just my opinion, though), and frequently has doings with NAS El Centro, about 60 miles away in California, a state that does use DST and is in a different time zone to begin with. No real distance apart, relatively, but can you imagine the confusion that would result using local times? I shudder to think! It was so much easier to set all the clocks and watches (my watch, anyway) to Zulu Time, and leave them. A simple glance and you know exactly what's being referenced, rather than adding X for time zones, then subtracting Y for DST, or was adding Y for DST, etc etc... Again, just my opinion! Pat☺
  7. PhantomTweak

    Beautiful Approach To TTPP

    Great pictures as always, Aharon, and amazingly, for you, not a single trace of snow anywhere Thanks for a wonderful post Pat☺
  8. PhantomTweak

    Recommend a Helicopter

    You might want to pop over to They are the be-all and end-all of flight sim helicopters. They have choppers, many tested by real-world helicopter pilots. They can set up flight instruction in multiplayer, for "real as it gets" flying of a sim bird, again, with real-world Flight Instructors. Anything Helicopter related, it's THE place to go. Additionally, I would look at their forums for the famous HTRv1.5. or whatever it's up to now. Helicopter Total Realism is a small, add-on software, that takes what the game thinks a helicopter should be doing, corrects all the physics parameters for the chopper, and feeds the info back into the game. It's amazing. FS sims in general seem to be totally rotten at making choppers fly "real" and HTR corrects that. It was developed for the sims by a wonderfully intelligent man, with a great deal experience with real-world physics and engineering experiece. It was tested and had a ton of input from numerous real-world helicopter pilots, so it's pretty accurate. Anyway, give them a look, if you want to really "fly" a helicopter in the sim world! Well worth the time and effort. Pat☺
  9. PhantomTweak

    T Allensworth memorial flight sign up

    Just a thought: Maybe the last group could execute a Missing Man formation? Diamond formation, Slot position pulls up and away to a vertical reverse as they go over the airport? Or Echelon formation, farthest from Lead does the same thing? Maybe just a formation fly over of Charlotsville? Heck, any of the groups, all of the groups, some of the groups? Even one is a huge tribute, in my humble opinion. Just a couple of thoughts. None essential. I just go by my own military experience. And yes, I knew a couple of pilots who...umm...did not return from flights? To me, a Missing Man flyover is a huge tribute to send a pilot off on his last, greatest flight, as the saying goes. Thanks for letting me join you all, by the by. I appreciate it. Pat☺
  10. PhantomTweak

    T Allensworth memorial flight sign up

    Thank you, and if desired I can go to the P-51 used for the RTWF or one of the other designated planes. I'm not great at the big guys but fighters etc are fine... Pat☺
  11. PhantomTweak

    T Allensworth memorial flight sign up

    Call me a traitor, but I would like to join, if I may. I realize I was the flyer of the last leg of the Round The World Race a while ago, but I would sure like to join this tribute flight, if I may be permitted. Name: Pat "PhantomTweak" Bernard Aircraft: Milton Shupe's Spartan 7W, Black Five Thank you for this opportunity, Pat☺
  12. PhantomTweak

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    My deepest condolances to Tom's family, and to all here at AvSim. I learned so much from this site, the experience wouldn't be the same. Tom, you're cleared for altitude Unlimited, and may you final flight be smooth and free and forever upward and outward. Peace upon your spirit, SIR! Pat
  13. I fly choppers a lot, and I won't consider flying one without HTR running! It's the best of the best add-on I've ever used. AND, having read up on it in the forums, apparently RW pilots seem to think so too. They have some pilots of real helicopters they utilize for testing and development of the program and the various config files that have been written so far. Those guys feel as I do: Don't bother using the choppers in the flight sims without HTR running. Best part of it, to my mind, is how readily editable the .cfg files are, even while everything is operating. Makes life a LOT easier than having to restart a bird for a small, juuuust right type of change. Another hugely beneficial set of tweaks is available at . It is a couple of articles by Jordan Moore, a man who, IMHO, knows more about helicopters and they way flight sims model and present them than almost any person I ever met. His choppers are incredible too. I would strongly suggest reading the articles he wrote. His chopper tweaks require a little bit of .air file editing, but once you read his articles you'll be very comfortable doing this sort of thing. He makes it easy, and you can expand upon the basic "tools" he gives one to go on and, should you desire to, make other changes in aircraft.cfg and .air files to make the chopper work perfectly on your system. Every system is different, and often what wokrs great on computer A won't fly wrth a darn on computer B. Anyway, just my 2 cents worth the subject... Pat☺
  14. PhantomTweak

    What's your favorite FS9 Airplane right now?

    Me, I'm a huge fan of Dino Cattaneo's F-14B or D, the FA-18F by Team FS KBT, the Bell 206bIII megapack by Owen Hewitt, and for low/slow fixed wing flight the REALAIR SIMULATIONS Cessna 172SP. Those are the most used I've got. Notice they're all freeware birds. I haven't payed for a plane, or scenery yet. I got FS2004 ACOF back when it first hit the store in 2004, and haven't seen any reson to upgrade I DID upgrade my joystick a couple years ago, but that's about as far as I've gone. Some say I'm cheap, Prefer "FRUGAL". Very very frugal... I will take a tour in Milton Shupe's birds, whether Bob Hoover's Rockwell Commander 500 Shrike, or the gorgeous Spartan Executive he makes. For the bush, it's only the default Cessna 208, believe it or not. Haven't found a more versatile bird yet. For me, bear in mind. Anyway, that's all. I'm not a big fan of the tubes. I don't want to spend a few hours prepping for a flight, programing the plane, the FMC making the flightplan etc, only to sit and watch the autopilot fly the plane. That's just me though OH! I wanted to mention, I have finally gotten comfortable enough that I am no longer the slightest bit shy about getting into the Aircraft.cfg, the *.air file, and the Panel.cfg files. I'm even working on learning the whole XML thing for making gauges. Some of my panels, especially, bear almost no resemblance to the one that came with the bird, but they're functionality is just perfect for me Only thing I miss so far is a proper fire extinguishing system, not just a fuel cut-off switch...But I keep looking! Have great flights all, whatever you chose to fly Pat☺
  15. PhantomTweak

    FS2004 Live Default Weather.

    I got mine instantly. I have noted a slight problem with certain emails though. I think it doesn't recognize the server and ignores the request. Try getting one of the freebie email addresses and try to get the confirmation with that... Pat☺