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nVidia Inspector, SweetFX, Antialiasing.. Problems! Anyone able to help?

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I am working abroad and have brought my Dell XPS M1730 (rather than my main FS PC) so that I can at least fly FS9 whilst I am away (2 years...). Getting my PC here is too much of a hassle, and a risk..


So, the M1730 runs with XP x64, 2.2GHz CPU, GeForce 8700M GPU & 2GBs RAM. Hardly cutting edge, but should be OK for FS9 and a small selection from my thousands of addons (aircraft/scenery etc.).


My problem is with Antialiasing at the moment. If I enable the FS9 AA from Options, frames rates go from 30 (capped) to just 2fps!


I have tried SweetFX, as I use this on my PC, but that still cuts the fps to about 14 or so when I install the dll files etc into the FS9 folder - AA enabled or not. I need to experiment with this more, probably.


Also tried nVidia Inspector. Downloaded the latest version, but when I start the interface, the configuration button does nothing (doesn't open any config page). Is that because my driver is not supported in this version (or in any??): 197.48 ... As the O/S is XP 64-bit, it's not going to be easy to find a suitable driver, if that's why I can't configure things in nVidia Inspector.  (Can't seem to confirm this anywhere).


I'll keep Googling, but help here would be much appreciated. I am amazed that I can't use FS9's own AA. Why the huge frame rate drop (enabling a filter or not - none, bilinear, trilinear - makes no odds)?





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... aslo tried using the AA in the nVidia Control Panel, but it has no effect in FS9. (Why not?)...

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