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Microsoft - Lago FSE product

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I am sure that Microsoft is aware of the Lago FSE product that allows placement of scenery objects in realtime, i.e. while viewing them in FS2004. This ability is unique to the FSE product in that other object placement programs require jumping back and forth between the program and FS2004 to see the results. The sad thing is that FSE may not be compatible with future versions of FSxxxx.Thus a plea to Microsoft to provide the "hooks" that allow the current version of FSE to continue to function in the next version of Flight Simulator. Considerable work has been done by individuals contributing objects to the collection. It would be a shame to see all of that effort wasted.The other approach would be for Microsoft to add the functionality of an FSE like system directly to Flight Simulator. Such an addition would be VERY welcomed by the simulation community. Or, perhaps Microsoft could publish an API/SDK that allows any program to add objects in realtime. Thus programs like RWY12, SceneGenX, Sbuilder, etc. could function in a much more "pleasent" manner avoiding the jumping between the program and FSxxxx to properly place an element. This would be the preferred method and one that would offer the most utility to the community.Oh, if I have your attention Microsoft, please consider something closer to 1 meter/pixel for ground textures. The slime like appearance of ground elements is very detracting. Yes storage and PC performance are affected. However, that is why someone invented sliders.Dick Boley @KLBE

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