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Need clarification on Back up Generators B-777

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To preface,  I have been studying  for my 777 type rating and have found this product to be an excellent adjunct to my book work.  I have been able to simulate many failures/faults,and study the effects etc. without wasting valuable and expensive sim time I likely would not get otherwise.  


My question is, as I understand the system, one back-up generator will automatically come on line to power a transfere bus (L or Rt depending on the inoperative engine or IDG) until a second power source, such as the APU comes on line. I don't see this in the schematic...  I can kill, lets say the left an engine, and the remaining Rt IDG takes over the entire AC electric with normal load shed of utility etc.   BUT the Rt back up generator does not ever connect to the left transfer bus. I can't get any reaction from the back up generator until I disconnect, in this case, the RT IDG.  At this point I'm down to ONLY the Rt Back up generator, it comes on line as expected...


All you 777 experts…is this the system working correctly?


Thank you for your constructive responses.


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Hello, the left BUG for left Gen (IDG), Right BUG for Right IDG until the APU supply the failed side. And right Bug supply right FCDC PSA (AFDC) to have 3 autopilots channels in case of auto-land and right IDG supply center FCDC PSA.



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