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  1. Hello i have a message from QW787 when i request wind in route page. ACTIVESKY WEATHER DATA NOT FOUND + current_wx_snapshot.txt + wx_station_list.txt. i have found those files in my C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\HiFi\ASP3D\Weather I run p3dv5.1 ASP3D v7688 and QW787 last version avail. any idea to solve it. Marc
  2. Thanks Spoilers a a little up 😄
  3. Hello, At each T/O I have the T/O config light illuminated. I set THS trim in green range, Flaps on 20. What is missing to avoid this warning? Thanks Marc
  4. Hum Big issue on my p3dv4.4 FPS drop at 10 fps !!! So By Day no problem 60 fps By night 10 FPS if i set Dynamic lightning off i go around 60 again. Marc
  5. Hello Guys, Happy New Year Each approach under AP with crosswind, aircraft drift and AP doesn't correct it. if i let the AP do i land beside the runway (LHBP 011500Z 20006KT 9999 -RA BKN023 02/01 Q1021 NOSIG) landing 31R What is the crosswind limitation under AP ? Cheers!!! Marc
  6. Hello Guys, did you plan to have an KG version for Fuel and Payload? Cheers! Marc
  7. Hello guys is possible to swap my GTN750 on pedestal with the Radar display. Cheers ! Marc
  8. Many thanksssssssssssssssssss cheers!
  9. Hello did you share you PFPX FA50 profile ? thanks Marc
  10. Does it work because i have many messages about weight and fuel capacity? this aircraft is in pound on my PFPX. regards Marc
  11. It retract to avoid damage due to reverse airflow . Marc Delaloy
  12. I run my windows and FSX in admin mode.
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