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DCS as a WW2 flight simulator....

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While I kept away from the multiplayer experience provided by DCS World, although the P51d was the reason I joined this platform, I was really not getting the most out of it.


I bought DCS some 1,5 yrs ago, after deciding to really give it's flight dynamics model a try, and immediately became a fan of it.


My main problem with DCS World is the proper configuration of all those commands, switches, views, communications... specially when dealing with the modern fighters.


Although I also got FC3, the A10C and the Ka-50, and the two helicopters ( uh-1h and mi-8 ) the truth is that the only airplane I really fly, and am trying now to learn to

use online in multiplayer sessions, is the P51d.


It's a superb aircraft model, and believe me, using it in online missions, is a true MUST!


I have registered for the pre-release of the fw-190, an really look fwd to be able to use it online. Unfortunately the WW2 1944 series have had a step back from the original

devs, and so, we will probably have to keep using those ww2 fighters over a late 20th century / early 21th century scenery, attacking on the ground very modern war machines too,

but no show stopper for me.


I seriously recommend that, if not the case already, you give a try to one of the MP servers. I've been using Dogs of War, because it supports only the p51d, tf51d and the AI fw-190 

(soon the full version too ).


Here's a couple of nice vids showing DOW in action :-). I dream of reaching this level of expertise :-)





The problem with this simulator is that you really have to manage your aircraft systems and fly it, and fight with AI or human opponents, and for a newbie like me, you'll feel

more like a sitting duck :-/, but even under those circumstances, the overall experience is excellent, and I can only recommend it!

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