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Serious Display Driver Failures/Need Help - PMDG Please Read?

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My nvidia drivers 340.43 and now 340.44 beta are failing. Before this happened I got a blue screen while running fsx with the pmdg 777 while I was on a runway. I noticed the FPS was lower than ever so I really couldn't understand, they went from not dropping below 25 to 15. I had installed ftx recently but was running fine at first. I also had utx running so I thought it was some incompatibility issue and/or because I activated the north american region of ftx after having the global one while having the ftx demo region active. So in any case I uninstalled everything related to fsx and fsx and reinstalled in the same way except utx. So when I start running fsx everything is running so smooth and with higher fps averages than before so I was impressed. However after I start a flight and am cruising in the 777 using a va tracking system called ACARS (not as before where I wasn't using it), the display failure happens again and fsx freezes so I have to close it. Then I install the 340.44 driver, re-apply the nvidia inspector settings I had (forgot to do it earlier) and it runs even smoother, but again after a few minutes the same failure occurs!


Also I left the CFG default except the highmemfix, bufferpools, and texture resolution when before I had bojotes tweakings.


I am going to see if it happens with the 737 but I bet it will, I mean why not, nothing has changed about the 777 right? Or could this be due to preliminary SP1 changes thru the operations center?

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Hi Francisco,

clearly you are getting those troubles because of those beta drivers,try uninstalling them and installing your old driver which gave you stable perfomance.

I never really update my drivers unless i am 100% sure that it is okay to do so.

Also if you want PMDG to respond to your problems,you might want to send a ticket at


they are present on the forums but they cant take the time to respond to everyones problems on the forum,for all you know they may not even realise you have posted it, sending a ticket makes it easier for you to get a good answer from them.

Don't expect them to respond to your post.It is best if you send them a ticket.

Hope this helps,

warm regards,


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