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  1. *random post coming up* Kyle has answers for everything. Kyle knows the secrets of the universe. (Not the book) Kyle is smart. Be like Kyle *Random post complete*
  2. Ahh.. so that means the engine and flight modelling are give or take 5% deviation from the real world or Boeing performance charts? I know this has been listed before on the 777 and 737..for some reason I suddenly found myself confused over this particular statement. Very interesting indeed.i have so many questions..ill save them for some other time
  3. Sir..are you talking to me? if you are..sorry..i may be having a stroke.If you aren't...then I just wanted to know what the "within this or that % meant"
  4. Forgive me if I misunderstood this..but does this mean the numbers in the sim have a 2% deviation from the real world number...I do not no why this is confusing me. I seem to be having too many brainfarts.
  5. Hello ! First I would like to congratulate the team on a successful launch,I hope you guys are able to find some time to relax now(although I highly doubt it) It has been a wonderful ride seeing the development of the 747 v3..coming all the way from v1. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the near future( cough..cough md11..cough) Just a small question.. I have noticed on all the videos I have seen of the 747..there seems to be a slight apparent increase in fuel quantity on takeoff.which is caused (I believe) because the capacative fuel probes are inaccurate due to all the movement of the fuel in the tanks. This doesn't seem to happen on the 747 in the sim..Am I wrong? I would love to be corrected or taught something new.
  6. Lol...I remember my grandfather asking me if I wanted to go near a 747..At that time they were running a few tests...engine run-ups I think ( I was young,excuse me if I am exaggerating) we were standing a maybe 60-70 feet from the tarmac..I literally felt each bone in my body tremble. My grandfather laughed it off and asked me if I would like to go closer My answer? Nope..Nopedy Nope NOPE land.(well...I was crying as well...) and if I remember correctly..I ###### myself that very moment. and the love affair began.
  7. Oh my god. Oh my god.. This is sooo exciting...I think I'm going to have a heart failure. Rsr mentioned lavatory services.. Does that mean we'll have a truck that attaches a pipe to the aircraft to remove all the... The. Human excreta? Isn't there a latch at the tail section? That list is scary good. I can't wait to try out the flight dynamics.. Just need to save a few dollars more!!!!!!!!!
  8. The kind of response pmdg gets to merely changing their Facebook dp is remarkable. Why not try posting a MD 11 photo a 767 and a 757, whichever plane gets the beast response... Makes its plsssss I'm sure people will lose their minds. MD 11 v2? Plsssss?
  9. Goddammit. It's just been three days. I thought time goes by quickly between pmdg updates. How about the "this is cool" list Mr.Randazzo? Plsssssssss
  10. Yes. Let AI do all the work and let us humans become potatoes. Thanks but no thanks
  11. Right.. Well here come the happy tears. Thanks a lot Oscar Wilde
  12. do any of the Beta testers own the FSL a320x? If so how is the performance of the 747 v3 compared to the a320? Hopefully my comment wasn't bizzare! Just asked the window question out of curiosity..I have never seen the front window of a 747 from a pilots perspective.So...It surprised me..that's all. I just love the 747..and..I am super excited.So I ask questions out of excitement..not in a critical way.
  13. I didn't mean to say it is wrong.I meant to say I didn't know the startime was so soon..from all the videos I have seen;in comparison the startime in the preview video is the same..I always thought the videos were cut and edited so that the engine start doesn't take up half of the video time.Of course other conditions might dictate the time the engines take to spool up as well and the apu is a lot stronger right ? So a fast engine start does make sense.(do I make sense?) Well...I am certainly not a 747 pilot..I have never been in a 747 cockpit..but then the edge of the window seemed to be very large.(rather the gap between the upper and lower edge) I am assuming it is right because Robert would never allow faulty modelling on his favorite plane. I am not trying to nitpick(I know I sound like I am)..I am probably the happiest person on this forum for the fact that the 747 is being developed again. Can't wait for more videos
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