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Oom Testing

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I've been doing heavy tests lately as I've been hit with OOM errors using the 300ER much more often than with the 200LR. I've been testing with both DX10 (using Steve's DX10 Switcher 8x CSAA+4xSGSS) and DX9 (8xQS + 4xSGSS).


I have LOD at 6.5, texture max load at 1024, REX textures at 1024 & DXT5, Autogen Normal, Water Low 2.x and Scenery Complexity at Extremely Dense.


Addons in use are: ActiveSky Next, SceneryTech Landclass (all regions), UTX USA/Europe/TAC, ORBX FXT Global (I do have some ORBX regions, but I turn them off otherwise I can rarely finish a flight in the T7), GSX, FSUIPC and FSCaptain.


With these settings and the following "methodology", I've reduced *a lot* of the OOM errors:


Select in the scenery library only the origin and destination airports (in case there are any) previously to the flight. Make this a Pre-flight habit. Save the flight before pushback and as many times as you'd like once enroute. The key here is to check your VAS near the Top of Descent and if it is below 900-700mb range, save the flight, restart FSX, reload the flight and land.


I'd say the most important thing to remember is NOT to touch the CAM button for displaying the taxi camera of the 300ER. It is a nice feature indeed, but sadly once you use it the toll it takes on your memory (which according to Process Explorer is rarely released once finished using the camera) will translate in a certain OOM later on. Using the camera on and off more than once for taxiing to/from your active runway is a great recipe for disaster.


I've tested this under nasty ASN weather using heavy scenery such as UK2000 Heathrow v2, FSDT JFK v2, Flightbeam KSFO and KDEN, LatinVFR KMIA and TJSU, FlyTampa Dubai rebooted and Hong Kong. I activate any of these in pairs for a single FSX session (origin/destination) in order to stress test the VAS.


So, if you avoid the 300 Taxi cam and manage the active items in the Scenery Library wisely, you should be able to finish your flight without an error.


My system specs are an Intel i3570k OC'ed to 4.2 GHz, 16GB RAM, EVGA GTX 780 using latest WHQL drivers (337.88). If you want to take a look at my FSX config and Nvidia Inspector profiles for both DX10 and DX9, here's a zip file:


Good luck.



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