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Questions Regarding Wind Data Link In Fmc

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Here is the letter I opened a ticket and sent to pmdg, just want to state the problem to you guys and see if someone can help me :blink: 

I would like to ask about the new wind data link function of SP1. I am facing problems that the wind data loaded is different from active sky next data, and some waypoints data are totally the same.

In order to use this awesome new function, there is a few things I have done.
a. Check the box "Auto load simulator flight plan" in Active Sky Next
b. FMC Simulation setting, "CREATE AND LOAD TO FSX"

And my steps of preflight are listed as follows.
1. Export RTE flight plan from Aivlasoft EFB and save into PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\777
2. In the FMC, enter origin and destination, then click route data request, the route can be successfully loaded
3. PERF INIT data can also be successfully loaded
4*. When wind data link is ready, go to legs page RTE DATA, click load wind data.

*Although it seems that all waypoints have their wind data loaded, some of them are totally the same. For example, the wind of FL290 of waypoint 1,2 and 3 are the same. Then I wonder if they are really the same and dont have any problem, so I go to Active Sky Next to check the wind data. However, what have been shown in Active Sky Next is different from what have been loaded into FMC. For example, FMC shows that FL290 at waypoint 1 has 290@7kts wind when asn shows that 320@8kts.




I found that the wind data in the wx file exported automatically to PMDG 777 folder is not the same as what are shown in active sky next flight plan page, which causing my pmdg 777 cannot receive actual wind data. My PMDG777 has created a wx.pln for active sky next to load, then the flight plan page of asn can successfully load the route and show the wind data. However, there may be some problems in the file exported by ASN to Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMDG\WX, which the data differs from what is shown in asn flight plan page


Also, there is a few things I noticed,
1. There is a WX.PLN file containing route data created in Documents\Flight Simulator X Files by PMDG
2. Flight Plan page of Active Sky Next can automatically load and show the flight plan and waypoints which have been loaded into FMC as route
3. There is a WX file (XXXXYYYY.WX) created and updated automatically, which maybe created by Active Sky Next

I have read the manual mentioning using any FSX weather theme will cause all the waypoint wind data corresponded. However, I am using active sky next so the problem should not exist.

A few screen capture is attached in order to help you to understand my problem. It is not difficult to see that the wind data loaded into FMC and that in active sky next are different.

I look forward to receiving your reply so that I can use this awesome data link function!

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