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new build - where to install software to max out FSX - thoughts?

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Hello all,


I am upgrading my flight simulaor with two computers that will be connected with a crossover cat 5 ethernet to run all the software and hardware controls as best as possible.


here is my new beast computer:  


Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz LGA 1150 Boxed Processor – overclock 4.4- 5.0 ghz

ASUS Sabertooth Z97 MARK 1 LGA1150 ATX Intel Motherboard

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Performer Cooling System

16GB DDR3 2133 PC3-17000 (2x8GB, 1.5V)

3GB Asus GTX 780 Ti, GDDR5, PCIe

Thermaltake 750W 80+ Active PFC Power Supply


Crucial M550 512GB MLC SATA  - MAIN DRIVE

24X DVD Burner

Zalman Z1 case

Windows 8.1 Professional x64



Old computer:



GTX 560 graphics card

Win 7 64 bit





New computer has two SSD – 512GB and 1 TB


NEW COMPUTER – 4 monitors - and where to install the software

Main SSD 512 GB – all in x86 folder - FSX, GSX ground, Accumsim 172, other aircraft, missions, FSUIPC, WIDEFS, REX overdrive in separate folder on main drive


 2nd SSD 1 TB – MegaSceneryEarth files included HI Res cities & airports, night environment CA - only load in areas of flying only


most hardware to connect to main computer - PFC yoke, Saitek rudder pedals, GoFlight modules - EFIS, MCP-PRO, various GoFlight modules, custom 172 R master switch panel, brake switch, fuel switch


OLD COMPUTER – 2 monitors In X86 folder

GA Panel software - run on 24" lcd monitor

Active SKY

GPS software - to run on GNS 530 by Emuteq ( 2nd monitor )



Were should I install PMDG 737NG?   becasue I have a 24" LCD screen on my 2nd computer to run gauges for all GA aircraft. My worry is PMDG on Win 8.1as well.  Is this possible to run the PMDG gauge screens on my 24" lcd from the 2nd computer to link with FSX?


Any other suggestions on my upgrade over build would be appreciated, thank you.



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