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  1. Just started to update my sim and was wondering if there is any discount for updating the GNS530 to GNS530 v2 for P3D v4 ? thanks!
  2. Now that X plane 11 is out of beta, any word on getting your GNS 530 into window mode so I can move outside Xplane to my Emuteq 530 screen?
  3. the only thing that I cant do now is undock the window and move it to my Emuteq screen, I know under xplane 11 beta it can't, so waiting.
  4. YES I still had to create manually with V2.2.
  5. YES finally !!!!!!! by creating the GNS Tainer Data Folder in Program data manually, I now have the GNS 530 up and running. installer issue, missing folder....
  6. ok, made sure Eset was not blocking them, it was at first blocking them but no longer, still no joy. I have to reset activation key... done.... still no joy, BLANK BLACK SCREEN...
  7. OK - I believe the GNS trainer is the problem. I can not get it to come on in trainer mode outside of Xplane. if this does not come on it will not in Xplane.
  8. I will try to reinstall with the anti-virus program off now, have Eset No joy... no install issues that time but still can not get the GNS530 to come on. Going to try one more thing real quick.
  9. install errors: ProgramData/RealityXP/rxpGnsSim32.dll Move file failed code 2 system can not find the file specified X-Plane 10/resources/plugins/rxpGNS/32/win.xpl Move file failed code 2 system can not find the file specified
  10. 17/02/21 02:09:02.606 04828 - ] # rxpGnsSim64.dll version 17/02/21 02:09:20.403 04828 ERROR] G530.1 process not ready: C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGnsSim32.dll 17/02/21 02:09:20.408 04828 ERROR] The specified module could not be found., code: 0000007e 17/02/21 02:10:35.550 04828 ERROR] G530.1 process not ready: C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGnsSim32.dll 17/02/21 02:10:35.556 04828 ERROR] The specified module could not be found., code: 0000007e 17/02/21 02:09:00.118 04828 - ] # win.xpl version
  11. RXP, had some install errors come up - FYI.... Still no joy after installing the updated V2.2. I even uninstalled Reality XP software and reinstall, no joy. I reinstalled Garmin trainer, no joy. I did how ever find that with my P3D Garmin trainer version it does comes on, BUT not the Garmin GNS Trainer Lite software for Xplane. I was unable to turn on the trainer software. I think here is the problem. How can we fix this? thanks! Richard
  12. ok great, looking forward to it. keep you posted once the update is installed.
  13. I am having the same issue, can't get the RXP GNS 530 v2 on xplane 11 or 10 on any aircraft to work. ALL BLANK SCREEN. Yes tried the Rheostat.Display = 0, no luck. bare with me please as I am new to Xplane long time FSX/P3D. Also unable to get RXP in the panel. First got to get it working first. my GNS.ini file [GNS] ; comma separated list of gauges gauges = [GNS_530_1] ; comma separated list of render targets. drawto = WINDOW, PANEL2D ; is the master device if true. MasterDevice = true ; connects GPS to copilot side if true. CopilotSide = true ; selects COM/NAV Radios '1' or '2'. RadiosPair = 1 ; uses computer time if true, simulator time otherwise. ComputerTime = false ; integral lighting rheostat index (0 to 3) or percent (-100 to 0) Rheostat.Display = 0 ; integral lighting rheostat index (0 to 3) or percent (-100 to 0) Rheostat.Buttons = -75 ; connects GPS to HSI if true. LinkHsi = true ; connects GPS to HSI course if true. LinkCrs = false ; connects HSI OBS to GPS if true. LinkObs = false ; connects GPS to VOR if true. LinkVor = true ; connects GPS to Autopilot if true. LinkOto = true ; connects CDI key to NAV/GPS switch if true. AutoNavGps = true ; selects VLOC NAV '1' or '2'. '0' selects same source as 'RadiosPair'. AutoNavSource = 0 ; connects GPS to Shadin Air Data computer if true. UseAirData = true ; connects GPS to Shadin Fuel Data computer if true. UseFuelData = true ; connects GPS to RYAN 9900BX if true. UseRyanTcad = true ; sets TCAD sound alerts volume in percent: 0 to 100. RyanTcadVolume = 50 ; connects GPS #1 to GPS #2 if true (both required). UseCrossFill = false ; sets fuel type: AVGAS,JETA,JETB FuelType = AVGAS ; sets TAWS type: TERR,TAWS TawsMode = TERR ; sets TAWS surface: HARD,HARD_SOFT,WATER,ANY TawsSurface = HARD_SOFT ; TAWS minimum runway length (feet) TawsMinLength = 40 ; sets master sound volume in percent: 0 to 100. MasterVolume = 100 ; selects the CPU running the trainer process: 1 to 32 ; 0: last core, -1: automatic. CpuAffinity = -1 ; connects to: 'PFC_STACK','PFC_430','PFC_530' or any '#PID' (#D002 for PFC_430) ; no value connects to first found, 'OFF' disables connection. HardwareDevice = ; hardware selector number or -1 to disable. HardwareIdx = -1 [GNS_530_1.WINDOW] ; display window if true. visible = true ; show screen only gauge if true. nobezel = false ; display type: WINDOW,PANEL2D,PANEL3D frame.type = WINDOW ; display position and dimension (left,top,width,height) frame.rect = 215,713,799,583 ; freeze display position if true. frame.lock = false ; screen only border size (pixels). border.size = 0 ; screen only border color (#RGB or #RGBA). border.rgba = #000000 ; display window tooltips if true. tooltips = true
  14. Was talking about the stock GNS530 in Xplane 10... I just purchased the reality XP GNS530 v2, hopefully soon the SDK will be updated so I can unlock the window for the 530 and move outside xplane 11 to my Emuteq 530 hardware screen. When can we expect the new SDK release?
  15. Got it open in X-plane 11 not in X-plane 10... i supposed the new SDK for X-plane 10 would correct it?
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