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For those with OOM Issues

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First I want to thank pmdg for such a great set of addons, the ngx and 777 are the reason I have gotten back into fs after about 6 years off.  However, after my second long haul with the 777 I was plagued by OOM issues.  What would happen is the vas usage would increase over the duration of the flight, crashing my sim after about 2 hours.  After much testing with the 777 I have narrowed it down to going from fullscreen to windowed mode.  It seems whenever I would alt + enter I would create a memory leak.  The vas usage would just go up over time.  So far I have completed two flights (KIAH-PHNL and PHNL-KDEN) after these findings without any oom issues.  These flights were conducted with fsdt and flightbeam airports at both ends of the trip complete with aes, gsx, and a total of 5 mse western states enabled in the scenery library.  While vas usage was obviously high I was able to complete the 7+ hour flights because vas usage remained relatively constant throughout the flight.  I am also running fsx in dx10 mode with the fixer as dx10 has been known to help with oom issues.  So if you are having climbing vas usage issues try running fsx in fullscreen without switching to any other windows once you have loaded the aircraft.

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