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Saitek trim wheel very jumpy

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My saitek trim wheel seemed very twitchy when I just got it and when asking about it I was told I had to practice to get used to it. But after more then a year of practice, the operation hasnt become any easier.


When I roll it, say up, with just small adjustments of 0.5-1cm(1/4-1/2inch) at a time, I dont see any response at all. Doing that again, still no response. Again, but again no response, again and I see the nose of my aircraft rise and up to 500-800ft/min. And rolling down gives the same effect: no response, no response and all for sudden a 500-800ft/min drop.

I already worked through the whole range of calibration, which makes the extend of the rise/drop bigger, but the effect of 3 or 4 times not getting any response before getting a way bigger rise/drop than I expected, doesnt change.

So it's very hard, not to say impossible, to make slight adjustments to my trim setting and practicing doesnt give any improvement.


Is this the normal way a Saitek trim wheel works, or is this as aircraft in a sim should respond to trim wheel input?

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