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Cardboard Simulator?

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I figured some of you would want to know this.  It seems that after one of Google's developer conferences they gave away Oprah style a little cardboard box that turns your cell phone into an Oculus Rift-like VR viewer.  




Notice the flight simulator app shown towards the end of the video.


You can buy one pretty cheap, <$20, on Ebay, look for "google cardboard".  After looking around I chose to order this one from Amazon, mostly because of the strap and that they'll have it here tomorrow cheap with Prime.  And it's black.  Also, it's a little bigger than the original for a larger phone, so be aware of that.



I'll be using it with a Galaxy Note 3, which has the exact screen the OR Dev Kit 2 has.  You could probably get a jump on Oculus Rift if you use a 4k phone.  They won't have 4k until next summer.  Head tracking and something about latency will not be as good, along with a little smaller FOV at around 90 as opposed to 110.  But at this price why not?  


There is no native interface from your phone to your PC like there is with OR.  But there is a program named Splashtop that will stream very very well/fast to my android phone, it's excellent and cheap.  Not sure how to hook up headtracking for PC games/P3D yet, but I know it can be done.  I have an OTG cable that I will connect a joystick to my phone for other games running on the phone.

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