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Orbx/FTX - Black Boxes on Apron

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I recently upgraded my system and in the process am attempting to make the move the DX10.  I like both that I get better VAS usage and that some features like light bloom (I like it at night) run with much less performance loss.  I've found at some Orbx airports I get black boxes under the parked static jetliners as shown below.  These do not appear at all angles (as shown in the second picture) and based on responses to my post in the Orbx forums, those using Steve's DX10 Fixer do not get these.  Unfortunately I was too late to the game to get Steve's DX10 Fixer before it was withdrawn from sales.  I am using v3.2.3 of the freeware shaders.  I thought I'd ask here if anybody has knowledge or fixes for this, as this seems to be the repository of DX10 knowledge.  So far everything else appears to work fine.  Any thoughts?


EDIT: I should add that at no point use scenery shadows.  I do by default use aircraft shadows, but checked with them turned off without any difference.  I suspect this is a texture transparency issue similar to the black boxes around Orbx lights fixed by the last DX10 shaders, but I have no idea how to fix this myself.





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