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FTX Global and UTX Canada compatibility

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I recently installed FTX Global and installed also UTX Canada on P3d V2.3 and I had mitigated results;


- All the urban texture now look like subsaharian bush (Toronto area looks like five hundred years of climate change later....). I found that by activating or desactivating UTVeg in scenery manager, this bring back a normal town texture.

- Activating UTLcCity scenery alone (among all the UT scenery available) make the city look like suburban area (lots of green and residential housing mainly)

- UTCanRoad brings some interesting additional like 3D highway but I find the road textures much less apealing than FTXG.


It seems that UTX Canada is not desirable with FTXG at least on my installation. However, I remember that in others threads here on Vatsim, some users were pleased with the results by combining FTXG and UTX.


Is this incompatibility only shows for the Canadian version of UT?





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