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if i move ttools to another folder....

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i have a ttools.exe in a pai_install my own ai fp folder are all compiled with in the pai folder everytime i have to compile some FP's  i have to leave my folder to go to the other folder to compile them...


what happens if i copy a ttools.exe to my my compiled and finished for the day get removed or do i have to decompile and overwrite??


what getting tired of having to exit one folder to compile fps in the other!!!

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I'm not sure what you mean.  My copy of TTools has two choices for compiling - Default folder (FS\Scenery\World./scenery) or User Defined.  And the same two choices for decompiling - Default (the Ttools folder) and User Defined.  The User Defined choices are stored in the TTools.ini file, located in the TTools folder. 


If you are asking if you can copy TTools.exe into another folder and run it from there, the answer is yes you can.  You will need to tell it where FS2004 is located, and then quit and restart.  It will use the new folder as its Default Source location.  The original TTools.exe file will be unchanged and usable as before.


I have many different folders that I want to compile and decompile from (I maintain a world wide AI package for three separate years for airline, MATS, and GA traffic, all in different combinations of source and destination folders).  So I use the technique of creating separate desktop shortcuts for each combination, to make it easy.  When I double click a shortcut, TTools automatically loads with my desired source and destination folders displayed.


An example - MATS Traffic 1962. 


Shortcut is named TTools MATS 1962


In the Target line of that shortcut is:


C:\FS\TTools2\TTools.exe /sf"C:\FS\AITM12\AI Traffic MATS" /tf"C:\FS\FS2004\Addon Scenery\CalClassic Traffic 1962\scenery"


My source folder is C:\FS\AITM12\AI Traffic MATS

My destination folder is C:\FS\FS2004\Addon Scenery\CalClassic Traffic 1962\scenery


So to compile a 1962 MATS BGL file, I double click the shortcut, choose my desired flight plans file, and press the arrow.  Done.  No copying, no changing anything.


Hope this helps,

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ok got ya tgibson sorry i have nt been to calclassic in a while...just going to new fs websites..

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