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Absurd blurries after about 1 hour flight...

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After having had a break from the FS world for a while I just decided to get a new computer and have another go at P3D2 to see what it could do, the new i7 5820k (OCd to 4.0 gHz) with a dual GTX980 in SLI and 16GB does about as good as I was hoping in terms of FPS on the 2.4 version. I tried to keep the obvious nonsense settings down so traffic at about 5% and autogen at "normal". I get decent 30-40 FPS at most airports and more enroute and at first all is just great with quick texture load times and no blurries. 


The major problem I have encountered so far is that after about 1 hour of flight enroute the textures blurr beyond comprehension. I am not talking of slightly out of sharpness, I am talking FS95 looks and there does not seem to be anything that I can do to let the system catch up... I guess there must be a sort of bottleneck somewhere but what would you guys suggest? I did try an affinity mask setting (3854 on my hexacore with HT would keep five threads dedicated to the non-sim use and the remaining cores for P3D2.4 (no massive bump in frames resulted however, just 2-3 fps as far as I can see, but load seems more evenly spread). This however should be a GPU problem perhaps? It seems odd to have these massive blurries crusing with like 70-80 FPS... 


Anyone has any ideas on what could be causing this and what I should do to fix it? Lowering txt resolutions and so on seem an obvious step but was not sure if there were any obvious cfg tweeks that could help as well (although understood it as LM implementing most of these "out of the box" now)





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I'd first let P3D rebuild my CFG. DIsable SLI and make no other changes to what P3D has set in the CFG file.



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Hi Vic,


Thanks for the advice!

Why would you do take this corse of action?




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