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ftx wales

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I have a strange little problem this time, i have looked at all the faq's here & at orbx but nothing .

I have just got orbx ftx wales someone got it for me as a present, anyway it looks really great the problem is every time i shut down fsx I get the (fsx has uncounted a problem and will shut down ) window. which is fine because i just closed fsx so no harm done.

This has happened once before in the air though after about 10 min which was a bit annoying .

if i pull orbx out & repair fsx every thing is ok again.

now i have made a backup of the scenery & tex folders from fsx after a repair just in case.


dose anyone know how i can install ftx wales into fsx without getting this ( encountering a problem ) window


i have no other orbx scenery installed


Thanks for any help with this


Tim :blush:

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Not too sure whats going on for you as I have recently reinstalled it in both FSX and P3D and had no issues. Did you make sure you have updated to the latest patched version? Sorry not much help :(


Also maybe back up for fsx.cfg file and delete it and let FSX make a new one.

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Installed the latest Orbx Libraries AFTER your Wales install ??

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Yeah you have to always do that I find and just make sure the Wales release also doesnt have an update

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Hi guys

OK i have installed all the updates for wales & england & i thought that had fixed the problem

But last night i did a short hop from Newcastle to Manchester it went without incident until i wanted to come out of the flight & shut down. I coudn't get the task bar back, the alt key had no affect i tried using mouse right button on the screen but that didn't work ether ? i had to use ctl+c+return to get out of the sim witch it did then a small box popped up again on the desk top to say fsx had a problem & cant run.

i am a bit reluctant to install the latest Orbx Libraries because i had Southampton airport on its own a while back & for some reason i thought it a good idea to put the latest Orbx Libraries in & it completely destroyed my fsx I had to reinstall fsx from scratch, so i think that option will need to be kept as a last resort.

i have found a problem with a pci simple coms controller on my PC i haven't managed to fix this yet but i am trying.

i will let you know how it goes

Tim :(

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well i got the pci simple coms thingy fixed turns out i needed a mei driver &

I think he said with crossed fingers i may have got this maybe not fixed but more stable, fsx hasn't done anything daft for a while.

if sillyness starts again i may look at the simconect Or just remove orbx.

Thank you for the suggestions they helped a lot


fligh high & fast

Tim :BigGrin:

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