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  1. razalom

    Majestic Dash 8 Q400 coming October 23 for P3D v4

    Yep just got a reply from them with the "new code" and the difference is the B/8
  2. razalom

    Majestic Dash 8 Q400 coming October 23 for P3D v4

    Same problem here. The pilot code worked but the pro code didn’t . Have also emailed them
  3. razalom

    Dash 8 Compatibility

    There is a Majestic forum down below and the devs have made a few updates in there regarding the v4 update.
  4. You didnt happen to install an airport/scenery by Drzewiecki Design did you as I know their first release of Washington X (and others) update for P3D v4 caused the file to become corrupted :(
  5. razalom

    Orbx OpenLC South America - 4K

    Cheers for the video it looks great
  6. razalom

    Well FTX Open LC South America is out

    Great news have some amazing airports in S.A. so happy to get this one!
  7. Its a great plane and have it on Xplane so hopefully with this release they fix up some of the issues left over on that version.
  8. razalom

    OC keep showing new update update available

    Worked fine for yesterday when I downloaded both the 777 and 737 updates. OC not showing any updates once the uninstall and reinstall was completed.
  9. razalom

    Pacsim V4 Updates Ready

    Awesome with grab RPLL tonight!
  10. razalom

    V4 Compatibility Update from REX

    Oh well between Rex and Orbx Airports there sure is a long wait.
  11. razalom

    .CFG File locations?

    If I remember correctly its the following C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D
  12. razalom

    Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix 1 released

    Updated last night and having no issues that I can see. Tested the PMDG 747 at my usual FlyTampa Corfu and was getting 50+ FPS from the pilot seat and 80-90 FPS external with most settings maxed.
  13. Thanks for the update! All installed.
  14. I am selecting to update the P3D v4 and the dos prompt shows its installing to P3D v3 folder which I have already uninstalled and it has installed the update back in the PMDG p3d folder even those the 747 was no longer there. P3D v4 is showing up to date at version 3.00.8334 Downloading the full installer again for v4 and hope this does it.