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  1. Groovy_Kincaid

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    He’s the guy that started the campfire story.
  2. Groovy_Kincaid

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    He’s the guy that started the campfire story.
  3. Groovy_Kincaid

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    I was going to go there, but I thought I would stop. If there is ever a lawsuit, it will be MS suing LM. DTG will probably be a cheerleader on the sidelines.
  4. Groovy_Kincaid

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    Wow! So, I really don’t think a lawsuit will be in the works. I am no lawyer, but I am an accountant and I have prepped for cases like this in the past. I would assume that DTG would need to quantify the actual damage done to them by LM. In this case, what are the exact sales figures that DTG lost to LM? Could DTG prove that? I doubt it because both LM and DTG are catering to different users, technically. DTG were after the entry level or casual user, not the full fledged simmer. DTG did not offer as an immersive simulator to people to cause serious simmers to switch. I don’t think academic licenses are going away any time soon. Again, onus is on DTG to prove lost revenue to the offered academic license. As others here have pointed out, DTG offered a completely different business model. It is like Chevy suing Toyota for lost Corvette sales because of the Prius. Completely different model.
  5. I served in the Canadian Military, long before PC... no political comments necessary, this guy really made me “humoursly” remember my service and I am still able to laugh at it:
  6. Groovy_Kincaid

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    I’m originally from the rock.
  7. Groovy_Kincaid

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    I am not a P3D user yet and I have been following this thread with interest. I cannot test and this is all conjecture on my part. This part of the world, assuming that P3D has the correct time zones in place, is unique. According to, Nuuk is a half hour ahead of Newfoundland & Labrador. Newfoundland & Labrador is a half hour ahead of Atlantic Canada. Atlantic Canada is an hour ahead of Eastern US. Correct me if I’m wrong, but half hour time zone changes are not the norm in the world. I believe the only other part of the world that this occurs is in North Korea which is relatively new. Not sure if P3D has that implemented. In the Southern Pacific there are some strange time zones as well. Tonga vs. The Chatham Islands. That appears to be a 45 minute time zone change. If it is a time zone thing, then maybe a test flight between North and South Korea would help isolate that, unless P3D doesn’t incorporate the time change between the two Koreas. Maybe a test flight South Pacific might further isolate this. There are quite a few half hour time zones between Greenland and Canada so this is why I chimed in on this. Like I said, all conjecture on my part, take it for what it is worth.
  8. Groovy_Kincaid

    Moving on

    I’ll be on P3D within the year.
  9. Groovy_Kincaid

    Your Favourite December Flights?

    Just wondering, what are your December themed flights? In the darkness of December (northern hemisphere) what brings the holiday spirit to you? When I was a kid, I was on an annual flight from CYSJ to CYYT on the defunct EPA 737s. It was always cold and snowy. Just wondering what your memories are and what you enjoy simming at this time of year?
  10. Groovy_Kincaid

    PMDG C Series and MAX on horizon????

    I read all this and this is like the Pepsi and Coke argument. I do not currently use P3D or FSX so I cannot claim expertise regarding the PMDG offerings. I do think Milton has a bit of a valid point. If PMDG has access to Boeing data, then I would expect their aircraft to behave more realistically than iFly. I don’t know if iFly is privy to any Boeing data or not. I would imagine that they probably get their data from other sources, internet or through airlines or other operators of the aircraft. But both developers offerings are made to work within the confines of a desktop computer with some limitations when you equate it with the real world example. I use the iFly in FS9 and from my limited knowledge of 737s and 747s, they seem accurate to me. I’m sure both developers employed heuristics in their development. Airbus guards their data and specifications quite closely. So FSLabs probably used other means to develop their Airbus. Probably consulting with operators and the use of heuristics. I don’t how anyone did their development, I’m just guessing, but as I said, Pepsi vs. Coke.
  11. Groovy_Kincaid

    [VATSIM] What have I done wrong?

    All I can say is wow! I was thinking what everyone said. Attracting new people into this hobby is not achieved by the comments indicated in this thread. I enjoy a couple of glasses of wine will I fly in my pretend world. Because that’s all it is. I’m sure real world pilots don’t get forecasts of micro stutters, blurries, sudden frame rate drops, textures not loading and square tiles. If some one wants to go to Gatwick in Transavia or Air Koryo, is that any sweat off of your back? Like I said, it’s a pretend world. Good on the OP in trying this out and immersing themselves. I would have done the same.
  12. Groovy_Kincaid

    Wilco Citation X

    In the Technical Information tab on their website, compatible with XP and 7 32 bit. Nothing indicated regarding x64.
  13. Groovy_Kincaid

    Has anyone here flown in a 787?

    Sweet ride. Business class is very comfy. Electrostatic windows a nice touch. Slept like a cat.
  14. Groovy_Kincaid

    Irma blasted Princess Juliana

    What really bites, I booked a vacation there earlier in the year for December. I know Maho Beach is gone, the Sunset Grill is gone and I don't even know if my hotel on the French side is still standing. It's actually quite depressing. I have been there once before, I am going for 3 weeks to celebrate my birthday with my family. This was 3 years in the planning. I am optimistic that by December, if Jose misses, that there should be some semblance of the Sint Maarten life, but it won't be 100% the way it was for a long time.