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  1. That’s a function of society. We all know that warning labels are slapped on certain things because there was at least one “stupid” person out there. For example, do not pop champagne cork at your or someone else’s face, specifically eyes. Smoking causes cancer, heart disease and other nasty diseases. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can harm an unborn child. On a claymore mine, “point this side toward the enemy”. My personal favourite are teenagers who think it smart to jump off a roof of a house to dive into a relatively shallow pool and end up in wheelchairs and ventilators for the rest of their lives and the owners of the property are on the hook for that genius’ stunt. As a result, warning signs on private property. “No roof diving”. Seems pretty cut and dry to me, but as I say, in society, the lowest common denominator keeps going lower. These are all fairly common sense scenarios but, at least one person in society had the lack of intelligence to do otherwise. So, society stepped in to determine that these actions are stupid, so stupid in fact that warning labels are warranted. The question is; “why does society do this”? Society needs to protect society. Little Johnny who decided to do the triple Lindy from the top of 2 storey house into a 6 foot deep pool and crush several vertebrae and fracture his skull needs to be protected from his stupidity because he’s a part of society. I suppose we can carry this on to personal freedoms and choices. Is it right for society to put up warning signs in the backyard of some unsuspecting home owner and infringe on Little Johnny’s rights and freedoms to dive off the roof of a house into their poo!? Everything that has a warning label seems like common sense to me, but here we are, putting labels on things.
  2. All I can say, a benefit of this”lockdown” is that the pollution haze has lifted. My wife and I went to our vacation home today for the first time in months. No haze, the mountains are almost 4K in visual appearance.
  3. You beat me to this. Those heavyweight content providers are probably more of an indicator of the truth than some nameless individuals who have more time on their hands thanks to the current global state of affairs. I don’t think that the content providers would be so enthusiastic (for lack of a better term) to develop for an unreleased and unproven product and invest resources unless there was some promise for the platform.
  4. Even Google maps/ street view is not up to date. If you buy a third party airport or city, these are out of date fairly quickly, especially in areas of rapid urban construction. At least using MSFS’s model, if the map or 3D model is updated in the back end, then it should push through, assuming if this is the planned process.
  5. Governments collect taxes on tobacco products. So why kill a major revenue source? Nicotine is highly addictive and removing tobacco from legal sales will result in a huge black market.
  6. I don’t know, that list of improvements and features delivers a lot of what people wanted. Support for STARS and SIDS.
  7. Yeah, what Chock said. Back in the day, when I was an avid F1 fan an collector, you would be surprised by “Officially Licensed Product”. This term means “we have the rights to use the name and brand for us to sell you our stuff”. When my daughter was born, she got an officially licensed sleeper. It was made in China. Not necessarily a quality product, but darn it really catches some looks. At the end of the day, caveat emptor applies. I would imagine if a developer wants to sell an aircraft, they need the OEMs blessing, and that probably means in terms of royalties.
  8. The Mrs works for airline. She now has a cough and booked off. She was supposed to go to NZAA. She checked the loads. Last week, full flight, now 60 passengers on a 789. Better she quarantines here than there.
  9. Or maybe no more free flights. I think the borders will be shut down.
  10. Canadian Government just announced that Canadians abroad should return to Canada while the commercial means are still available. So, I suspect that a lot of airspace and ports will be closing shortly.
  11. I expect a lot of people will lose their jobs and life’s savings that took 10 years to rebuild since the last financial crisis. I expect good working people having to struggle for a couple of years to recover their lost equity and capital back to where it should.
  12. I used to follow F1, got tired of all the rule changes every year. The world is reacting in the “better safe than sorry” manner. This happens quite often. For example, excluding the MAX issues, when there is a loss of life due to a plane incident, people keep flying. An autonomous car gets into an accident and kills someone, the entire program gets shut down. 25, years ago, where I live, an animal rights group claimed to put strychnine in turkeys forcing retailers to issue a mass recall at Christmas and offering free turkeys in replacement, thereby nullifying the animal rights groups’ manifesto. Point is, we as the human race will overreact to things. We all fear the things we cannot control. Fear spreads faster than the disease. I completely understand the world’s reaction, but spreading fear isn’t going to make things better nor is hunkering down in a bunker. Common sense like using hand sanitizer or washing your hands properly and avoid touching your face is the best preventative measures one can take. Be aware but don’t be paranoid. As they say, paranoia will destroy ya.
  13. Here are some stats that I found. I actually read the same stats within a respected news source, but unfortunately I do not remember. These stats prove that this is not all doom and gloom and reinforce basically what I said earlier: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-age-sex-demographics/ To summarize; age, underlying health problems and gender will determine mortality. As someone mentioned, mortality worldwide is ~ 2%. Canada, where I live is 0%. Same person mentioned worldwide ~ 2% indicated .01% US. Italy is the oddball. This isn’t the apocalypse that everyone is making it out to be unless you are a male, in the 50-90 year old range with a pre-existing health issue. Health sciences are far more advanced than they were 20 years ago. Social media is directly/indirectly more responsible for deaths than this.
  14. This is exactly how misinformation gets spread. There is some much wrong with this statement. First of all, elderly, young and people with underlying health issues are more susceptible than the healthy population. Second, your country‘s healthcare infrastructure and availability will greatly determine the mortality. Third, I do not know the exact statistics, but I would surmise that at least 90% of the deaths are in China, where people live in close proximity, the healthcare system could easily be overwhelmed due to the shear volume of people. Fourth, SARS and MERS have a higher mortality than COVID-19. You’re more likely to perish in a automobile accident than die of this virus. Remember, the News is in the business of selling headlines for advertising dollars. Unless a doctor or virologist comes out and says the human race is doomed and we will never see MSFS as a result of the impending apocalypse, then it’s really just fear mongering.
  15. It will be used for other games and not just FS. This is not saying that the minimum specs for FS is what the XBOX’s specs are. You can gauge how you want but this is the first indication of something that has the potential to run FS.
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