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  1. Both DX11 and 12. I'm amazed at the performance increase with this beta, hopefully they don't mess up the final build.
  2. It's much easier to move the folders (fs-base-coverage-map-x) into another directory for the regions you're not flying. So if you're flying in the US and you remove the PG folders for the other regions you'll see a huge uptick in FPS.
  3. If anyone is having issues downloading the update open the Xbox app on your PC and it will download the update.
  4. The A320 footage in NYC is unbelievable and a game changer for the flight sim community. Can't believe I'll be able to fly out of JFK, LHR and other major hubs without worrying about FPS.
  5. Never thought I would see the day when you could spend $500 and run a flight sim on max settings without worrying about FPS. Job well done.
  6. Walmart is restocking, I just bought mine in store (I'm in Canada). They had 4 in stock, none online. Check out the site below because a lot of Walmarts do have in store stock. https://www.nowinstock.net/videogaming/consoles/microsoftxboxseriesx/
  7. The other question I have is will their be a performance difference between the S and X consoles? From what I recall the S is not 4K and has less has less CPU performance?
  8. Good question. I assume maybe the Xbox version won't be updated as frequently as the PC version?
  9. Xbox will be a game changer for the majority of users. No more spending thousands to squeeze out a few FPS, so glad I didn't spend a ton of money on a flight sim PC.
  10. Ahhh, I can see my condo in the second picture. How's the FPS?
  11. Exactly my point. You can buy a $450 Xbox and run the sim in 4k and worry about FPS. I feel for all those who spent thousands on hardware to squeeze a few FPS when they could have waited for the Xbox. Glad I waited.
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