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Approach/landing speed and alarm

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I am new with the 777-200LR.  I love approach and landing and use FSIA for them. I use FMC mainly for ILS rwy code.

I have a couple of problems: I usually fly with A/T+A/P+ILS;  I disconnect A/T abt. 15/1000 ft. and A/P abt. 500 ft.   

The first problem is speed; with low fuel and low load and flaps 30 It does not go below 164 knts, when I disegage A/T below 146 knrs it stalls.  I know speed it is supposed to be be less but..................................suggestions ?

The second problem is that I arrive at abt 147/148 knts  disengage A/P (pushing z) at 500 ft. and with the first inpunt I give with the flight stick a horn begins to blare and it does stop till I shut the computer down.  Is there a button somewhere to overcome this ?????  Thank you for the help.    Riccardo





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Firstly I recommend flying the tutorial. It will show you how the aircraft should be set up and operated. The FMC is there to help you. Using it just to tune the ILS is not the way to fly a 777. At the very least you should enter Gross Weight and CG. PMDG have made this very easy. On the PERF INIT page you only have to click the CDU button next to the weight twice. Once to put the weight in the scratchpad and once to enter it.


With weight entered the FMC will present you with flap manoeuvring speeds on the PFD which will give you guidance to having the right speed for a given flap setting. Also you should select landing Vref on the APPR REF page so your speed will be correct for the weight.


The horn you hear is the AP disconnect warning. You must press the AP disconnect button a second time to stop it. Do not disconnect with the Z key. that toggles the AP on and off in FSX. Assign a key for the AP disconnect button in the CDU key assignment pages. I use alt+Z but you can choose whatever is convenient for you. When you disconnect the AP wait a second then press it again to silence the warning.


The 777 is such a great sim flying quick circuits without using the systems properly is a waste of the $90 it cost you to buy it.

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Thanks for the info.

I already solved the alarm problem and I am going to work on the approach speed during the week end.

Thank you again,


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