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Current recommended .cfg - NI settings ?

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Hi all,


I know this topic sounds a lot re-discussed but I feel that because new hardware comes up, these settings need to be updated every 5-6 months.


I am running :


Simulator: FSX DX10, using Steve DX10 fixer and using the 'How-to.doc'

Processor: i5 3570k overclocked at 4.5Ghz (watercooled on a H100i) 

RAM: 8GB of 1600Mhz Ram

GPU: Gigabyte GTX970G1

I should also note that I run Ezdok camera with TrackIR


Till time of purchase of the GPU (a month ago) I haven't stopped searching for 'my' best settings in order to have the smoothest gameplay. I am particularly interested in the so called 'butter' smooth flying in order to get the 'feeling' of flying and taxing without the awful stutters during take-off, landing and taxi. I run complicated add-ons like the PMDG on payware scenery.


My testbed now is the new FlyTampas Copenhagen using 2048 textures or the new Heathrow from Simwings. 


So my question is if anyone has nailed down the best settings using this type of hardware. I have tried all possible combinations but it seems I can't get the sim to run smooth. If the solution is to run with no autogen having spent all that money in hardware I could do the same using a laptop I suppose. It is really frustrating...after a week in work you get a weekend to fly and finally the only thing you come up doing is launching 'test' flights to test various settings in order to get rid of the stutters...


I have seen settings of BP=0 and FF=0.11, to settings of BP=10000 and FF=0.60, to settings of no BP at all...all seem to give me similar results. I currently use no BP and FF=0.11, using Antialiasing of 2x at Steve Fixer and 2x sparce grid multisampling in NI, and DSR 4x. But the stutters are still there..


Any help would be really appreciated and would be pleased for hearing any suggestion.


Best regards and happy flying to all !

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Flight Controls: Fulcrum One Yoke Virpil VPC WarBRD Base Virpil VPC MongoosT-50CM Grip, Thrustmaster Warthog+F/A-18C Grip Thrustmaster TPR Rudder Pedals | Virtual Fly TQ6+Throttle Quadrant | Sismo B737 Max Gear Lever | TrackIR 5Monsterteck Desk Mounts |
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