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Soo The Million Dollar question is?

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Frooglesim attempted to install the 777 into FSX:SE today. It went badly. He had both versions of FSX installed. Even though he designated his Steam version of FSX as the target, the a/c got installed into his standard FSX installation. This may have something to do with the registry?


Also, the 777 installer requires you to uninstall the model already installed before it will allow you to start a new install.


It seems like at very least it's a complicated process if you have both versions of FSX on your system.


Also this, if you haven't seen it:

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Is PMDG working with the new Dovetail FSX?

Anyone tried it yet?


I don't think so, because Dovetail has only released the very old FSX with tiny network game play tweaks only.


I am also deeply skeptical about a Dovetail own Flight simulator production, the story is plenty of epic failures regarding FSX sequel tries, the last one was the ridiculous MS Flight.


If I remember right Mr. Randazzo told that MS closed the door to PMDG after the initial mails exchange I think therefore that PMDG is always open minded to deal with new commercial partners but the other companies usually are not so professional infact they keep on failing..... just like M$ Flight .

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