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777 and FSX-Steam Edition - activation?

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PMDG staff:


I ran the 777-200 installer, did the Ops Center update, did the SP1c update and still have not been prompted to enter the activation code.  It usually comes up when the plane is loaded in the FSX free flight screen, right?


FSX Steam Edition

777-200 with SP1c

No liveries installed

stock textures, etc.


What I've checked:


--installed the correct software

--FlexNet licensing service is installed but set to "manual" start and isn't running when the plane loads.  I manually started it and reloaded the -200 and no joy.  I also made sure it was running, exited FSX and restarted it.

--SimConnect installed from the Steamapps SDK folder


What I get:


--black panels

--no FMC functions

--sounds like engine is running, outside view confirms sound

--no landing gear


Smells like a SimConnect issue.  I've had to reinstall twice for a couple of A2A aircraft that had issues.


I can provide order number and other information in a private message to confirm a valid customer.


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The FSX versions of the 777 and NGX will NOT (currently) run under Steam. The aircraft files and folders may install OK, but the flexnet licensing service required to activate the purchase (and keep it activated) is not currently compatible with the Steam version of FSX.


Robert Randazzo has posted that PMDG does intend to support Steam, and are working to update their installers to achieve that, but there is not yet a target date. Until that happens, there is no workaround to get the 777 to function in SE.

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