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About 3 or 4 weeks ago I wrote in this Forum about a flight from WSSS to WSSS eastbound following the equator that lasted about 46 hours. No scenery was disabled. You can see in my profile what airports and scenery I have. The flight went off without a hitch. This flight used a PMDG Southern Air livery on the 777F.


About a week later I downloaded and used a Goldstar livery for the 77LR. It was the CPA Hong Kong Asia’s World City livery. I started a KJFK-VHHH flight. 4 hours into the flight OOM. I disabled some scenery and changed some FSX settings. I made it 8 hours before OOM.


Today I tried the flight again after disabling almost all scenery and dialing back FSX settings even more. Made it 9 hours before VAS was just below 4GB. I ended the flight. VAS at takeoff  was 2.6GB.


My question is – has anyone had a situation where this livery has for some reason adversely effected VAS?


Edit: I forgot to mention that Friday I did VHH-KCVG Southern Air 777F. I landed at KCVG with about 800MB of free VAS left. Maybe it is caused by getting close to the North Pole on the KJFK-VHHH flights. VHHH-KCVG goes no further north than TED (PANC).

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