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Virtual Norwegian - 100,000 flights!

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Virtual Norwegian has been around for many years. In October 2009, it was decided to rebuild Virtual Norwegian. We started completely from scratch with a new and fresh staff team. With time, we added more and more features, including our version of "CrewBriefing", which has been a huge success for Virtual Norwegian.

In May 2014, after months of work, we launched our brand new system created by ourselves, including our own pilot client, Virtual Norwegian Pilot Client (VNPC). After the launch of our new system, Virtual Norwegian really took off and we have never seen so much activity.

Now we are about to leave 2014 behind, and throughout 2014, we have had quite a big goal: to reach 100,000 flights (counted since October 2009), and yesterday this goal was reached!
We would like to thanks all of our current and previous members for making this happen in such short time.

If you are interested in joining Virtual Norwegian, we are always looking for more pilots. Visit us at www.virtualnorwegian.net today!
What is it that makes Virtual Norwegian so great?
- We have our own custom pilot client/ACARS
- Our schedules are added directly from the real timetable and updated automatically weekly
- We have routes to around 100 destinations all over the world from our hubs in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, UK, Spain, the United States and Thailand.
- Fleet is kept up to date, including wet leased aircraft *
- Active on both the VATSIM and IVAO networks
- Simple and easy to use website, including our CrewBriefing based on the real briefing system Norwegian uses.
- Friendly and helpful community
- Up to date ATS-routes, with correct max/min and odd/even flight levels for all airways etc

* Wet leased aircraft are added when they are available in the timetable only

Virtual Norwegian

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Not even a year after we published this news article about 100,000 flights, we have already passed another 30,000 flights. At the time of writing this post, Virtual Norwegian has received 130,615 flights in total. Thanks to everybody who has been or is still a member with us - it's really fun to see how active a virtual airline can be :)



Virtual Norwegian


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