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3 Monitors - What Would You Do

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I have read about setting up multiple displays, but frankly, I'm more confused now.  Hoping to get some thoughts from the experts now, as I can buy new monitor(s) or use my own at this point.  Video card is also important.



This is what I currently have:

Single GTX 680 and Apple 30" Cinema display (DVI - 2560x1600 60hz).  It's ok for my desk, but I'm getting a Volairsim and will soon have VESA mounts for 3 displays.  The Apple does not have a VESA mount ...just sits on top of my desk, so it probably goes.


I have 3 or 4 Dell 24" displays around, currently not in use.


Ideally, I'd like a panoramic 3 display.  Would this stretch the inside cabin view too much, especially using trackIR?  My GTX 680 is a good card for FSX in DX9, which is how I've run FSX for a long time.


I also have a 32" HDTV (720p).  Could that be used without taking an fps hit?





With the above hardware, what would you do?  I could upgrade my video card, but a 980 may actually be a downgrade as it doesn't handle DX9 as well as my old 680.


If I want an accurate cockpit view, is it best to just stick with a large single display?  Maybe buy a Dell 27" or 30"?


Matrox tripleheadtogo or a triple-wide display?


The goal is an accurate pilots view from "inside" the plane and hoping to have enhanced left/right terrain visibility.  I'm right at the limit where fps is tight, so anything that puts an extra load on the card would be out.


Any ideas, opinions or thoughts are really appreciated!









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Ok, I'm going to answer my own question...   :lol:


Any 3 display config had limitations that I couldn't live with.  Decided to actually improve FSX performance (at the cost of a slight acuity loss) and go with a single 46" display.

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Hi Mark,


Which limitations are you referring to in regards to a 3 display config?  I'm asking because I'm helping my dad build a flight sim and just about to start setting up 3 displays for him...




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