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Any ideas as to fixing this mess.

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Hi DJ. I posted a response over on the Orbx forum - hopefully the workaround that I have been using for months works for you.


For those without an Orbx account, I have found that if I:


Invoke FTX Central and apply the desired region. I typically get an error message, "unhandled exception" and FTX Central hangs.

Cancel FTX Central and fly *anywhere* in the target region. I actually don't even fly - I just hit F12, and rotate around the aircraft using F11 spot-view a couple of times. The scenery is truly ugly, which I have named "limbo-land", or land of the dead.

Cancel your flight, end FSX (it happens to me on both P3D V1.4 and 2.4).

Invoke FTX Central and re-apply the target region. This should end normally.

Start your flight in the new region. Notice that you will see another "building the database" message at start up, as the final steps to moving towards the Orbx region are applied.


Good luck! As I noted in the Orbx post, I am looking forward to their new FTX Central that will manage updates and whatnot for us, kind of like what GEX and Earth Simulations (Rest In Peace) does.

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