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Night Environment Berlin Test - P3D Crash

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Hi Chris,


I've been interested in Night Environment for a while, so today I downloaded the Berlin demo and installed in into P3D.


I spent about half an hour or so enabling and disabling the various layers, as stated in the manual, to asses performance. After a while I settled Base + Level 3 and flew around for a bit. Frames were good, between 30 and 47 (which is what I have the sim locked to).


After circling around for a while, I decided to land so made my way over to EDDB. I don't have any add-on scenery for this airport other than what FTX Global provides. Shortly after landing, and during the taxi, the simulator crashed. It was not an OOM. In fact I've not seen this kind of crash with P3D before.


Here's a screenshot of the crash itself: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B012srY358MYVTVOa2ZIaTB5MWM/view?usp=sharing


Here's screenshots of the crash in Event Viewer:





I've listed the relevant addons I'm running below. The test was done in PREPAR3D V2.4.

Orbx FTX Global
Orbx FTX Global Vector
Orbx FTX OpenLC Europe
PILOTS GSGlobal 2010 FTX
Night Environment Berlin Demo
Aerosoft Airbus A319
Active Sky Next
REX 4 Texture Direct
REX Soft Clouds
Simple Sun Mod
I'm not saying that NE 100% caused this crash, but as I say I've never seen this sort of crash with P3D before so thought you should know incase other users have also been suffering with issues.
I do wonder if it was caused my me altering the enabled scenery layers in the scenery library multiple times while testing out the different layers.
Not sure how we can find the exact cause of the crash, but nevertheless I thought I should report it.
Thanks for your excellent work on this series of products, I'm contemplating purchasing NE British Isles soon :).
​Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more info.
Many Thanks


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Hi Will

thank you for the in depth analysis

it will be very difficult to decipher the cause of this issue

one question in mind, can you replicate it?

does it only happen with NE enabled?

by the log, the faulting file is P3D.exe

the variables are staggering from this stand point

i can tell you this is the first time I’m hearing of this

no one had this issue with P3D throughout their revisions

it may be coincidental or a onetime thing; i doubt NE has much to do with this

please keep me posted with your finding

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