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Need help tweaking Nvidia Inspector

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Hey guys, I just upgraded from an HD6770 to a Gigabyte GTX670. Going great so far in every game except for FSX.


Current PC Setup:


i5 2500k at 4.2Ghz

Gigabyte GTX670 (stock)

ASUS Z68-V LE mobo

8gb DDR3 (dont know what speed)

Corsair TX550M PSU

Windows 7


I restarted with a clean FSX.cfg, and used the Bojote Tweaker. Then I tried looking into Nvidia Inspector settings but its a little overwhelming being a recent convert, having never used Inspector before. 


My fps are great, usually in the 40-50s at FSdreamteam KORD with the Airbus X and even CS767. Flying is pretty smooth, but... When I'm taxiing, and more when I'm turning, there are clearly stutters and lots of smaller microstutters. Before resetting the CFG, I had tried with bufferpools on and off, mulitsampling/supersampling/combination, different filtering and it was the same.


It's a little frustrating because many people on the forums claim that Nvidia cards got rid of the stutters for them, and the 1/2 refresh rate made it "butter smooth." But I have had no such luck yet. Any suggestions?


ALSO If i try to set a fps limit in Inspector or set to 1/2 refresh rate, it doesn't totally work. My monitor is 70hz, so i set 35 (or 1/2). FSX will hold that about 60% of the time, but there are constantly spikes up to the 40s and 50s, and rarely down to the 20s. This creates more stutters.

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When I first tweaked, I used this guide:


When tweaking, you should start with a fresh cfg without tweaks like bufferpools.  To set half refresh rate, you have to set it up in the inspector (as explained in the guide)  If your frames spike up, that's good!  (more frames the better right?)  All you look for is smoothness.  As long as there is no lag or stutters, the occasional spike up is no problem.  I personally leave the fsx frame limiter to unlimited and let the inspector handle the frames.


Hope this helps,


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I did some further testing, and found that SweetFX was causing a lot of the stutters in the first place. I removed that and then did a fresh setup following the guide. Now it's running smoother than I've ever seen, with just a few (expected) barely-noticeable microstutters every once in a while. I guess sometimes I'm just too much of a perfectionist. 



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