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Best New York City Scenery?

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Hi all -- 


Long-time lurker, first-time poster here.  After years of tweaking and sticking with FS9 because I didn't have a decent-enough system to run FSX, I've finally invested in a new desktop and am now getting up to speed.  I'm going through sceneries and am looking to get a decent one for NYC, as I like to do both VFR and IFR flights into the surrounding airports.


I used to run the FS9 Aerosoft Manhattan, and found it really good, but for FSX, I can't decide between Aerosoft Manhattan X and the Drzewiecki Design NYC X.  I know the basic differences between them and the pros and cons (just Manhattan versus all boroughs, LOD differences in the buildings, performance issues, etc.), but just can't seem to make up my mind.  I tried the DD NYC demo and thought it looked awful, and a lot of the screenshots of DD - even running on full - look off because of the LOD scaling on the buildings.  I'm also looking for something that has the WTC as-is today, which as I understand, Aerosoft doesn't.  On top of everything, I know that they're both system hogs, but I can't imagine that they're equally taxing...


So, I figured I would turn to here and ask -- do people have any thoughts or recommendations on which one to spring for?  Any insight, especially regarding performance, is most appreciated.  Specs below:


FSX (MS, not SE)

Core i7 4790


Geforce GTX 790


Happy  to provide any more info as necessary.  Thanks in advance!


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