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Compatibility problems between ORBX and traffic pack?

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I have recently reinstalled FS X two times because of a problem.

I use a lot of add-ons with FS X and I think compatibility problems between these add-ons caused the trouble I have.

When start a flight in FS X the airplane is placed a somewhat too low (so a little bit under the runway) causing it to crash immediately.


I suspect it has something to do with the ORBX Alaska scenery that I installed a few months ago.


Maybe it is incompatible with my Ultimate Traffic 2 (UT2)  pack because I saw that the traffic airplanes on the ground also behaved strange and were being loaded slightly too low.


Another mayor add-on I use is the PMDG 737NG. Maybe it has to do something with the problems I have.

Could anyone tell me which of these add-ons are incompatible?

Is there another traffic pack that would work well with ORBX scenery if ORBX and UT2 are incompatible?

Or another problem caused my trouble?


Thanks in advance for any advice,



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I use UT2 along with several OrbX full flat regions and sceneries all over the world and I do not have those problems. I guess that this aircraft sinking in the ground is due to a bad AFCAD file or something like that.

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I do recognize the problem with ORBX and UT2. Since I've installed ORBX base and vector I've had planes in the ground, error messages about the FSX GPS engine and I still have swirling aircraft on all airports. But it's only the planes with two props. The rest behaves normal.

Don't know how to fix it. The ORBX support forum didn't give me a solution.

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Ok thank you, renedef, for your answer!
Are you talking about swirling planes from the traffic pack or is your own plane that you fly yourself behaving erratically?

About a month ago I uninstalled all my FS X add ons and reinstalled FS X...
I began reinstalling add ons and have now only ORBX Southern Alaska, Fly by Wifi (an Ipad application) and these extra planes running: the new Aerosoft Airbusses (A318-A319-A320-A321) and the IRIS Pro Training series Pilatus PC-9.
I can't fly the PC-9 anymore: when I start a flight with it I get a plane that is rotating around like hell...
The default Maule Orion sinks in the ground and does abnormal things now too, but sometimes it works ok.
I recognize your error messages about the GPS engine. I get an GPS Engine error telling me that the flight plan will not be used if I created a flight plan and the plane is unflyable due to sinking in the ground after I end the flight.
Also in the flight planner when I plan a flight from Bold to Palmer Mun (two airports close to one another in Alaska (in the Orbx region), most of the time the flight is shown on the map erraticaly as a flight above the North Sea beween England and Norway...
I think we have the same problem or something that is similar, only since I uninstalled UT2 it might not be to blame and ORBX might be the only problem causer.

I'm going to uninstall my ORBX now or tomorrow, and I'll let you know what that gives...

Have you got any problems with the flight planner too? 

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