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Importing PFPX-created Flight Plans

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Has anyone figured out how to import PFPX-created flight plans into the 777 folder in Prepar3D?


Let me re-phrase that a bit better. Previously, in FSX-MS and FSX-SE, when I pressed the Export button in PFPX, it sent the Flight Plan to various folders, and in the PMDG 777 CDU I was subsequently able to Request a Route, and all the plans in that FSX\PMDG\Flightplans\ 777 folder would show up no problem.


However, I've discovered when trying to do the same in the Prepar3D PMDG777, it will not import this format---XXXXYYYY.pln. Only XXXXYYYY.rte. At the moment I'm having to go back to the FSX\PMDG\Flightplans\777, look for the flightplan with *.rte, then copy/paste it into the Prepar3D\PMDG\Flightplans\777 for it to show in the Prepar3D PMDG 777 CDU.


Surely there must be a better way than this copy/paste method?


Any tips appreciated.

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I just set the " PMDG Simulations B777" option in the "Route Export" to <"P3D>\PMDG\Flightplans\777", and set the Prpar3d v2 option to "<Documents>\Prepar3D v2"


I then export the flight plan and it is available in the 777 RE request


Hope that helps,


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Thanks, Mark, but as you can see, I too do what you are doing, but instead of seeing an increment in the filghtplan nos. on the CDU, I only see the number of previously stored flightplans, e.g 95 when it should be 96 when I have exported a fresh new flightplan from PFPX

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