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Garmin G1000 with map pan function

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Hi everybody ,


I would like to know if someone is aware of a G1000 with map pan function , because on a real unit when we push the range knob then a small arrow cursor appear and we can pan around using the 4-way joystick ,

i tried all G1000 on the market (fsx stock , mindstar , carenado , eaglesoft , etc ...) none of them seems to have that function , so is this some kind of restriction in fsx/prepar3d gauges ? the only gauge with a pan function that i found is the GPS 296 found in the eaglet P92 by ants airplanes , even the G1000 student simulator from flight1 doesn't have it , really strange .

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You tried the Mindstar one? Really?


I find that odd, ours indeed has the map pan functionality. Well, it has the pointer... but not the map pan outside the current display.

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A while back I added a 'Pan function' to my radar.

The Pan works in 1nm increments for the range 0 to 300 nm from the aircraft's current position.

The Pan range can be quite easily adjusted to your preferred range.

It has increase/ decrease buttons.


Having set your desired Pan projected distance , you can then set the bearing left or right through the

full 360 degree angular range.

It has bearing increase/decrease buttons.


For example you may wish to set the radar/moving map to display an airport that is 76 nm to your

right hand side to zoom in and view the runways,

- Set distance 76 nm

- Set bearing 090 degrees


This Distance plus Bearing arrangement allows you to pan your Map view to any position around 

you aircraft ,and that includes behind it.

With the 300 nm range you can view any position contained within a circle of 300 nm radius.


It has a instant reset button that returns the view back to your aircraft's position.


If you want to add the Pan function to your instrument.

The full functional code is provided  at the following link:- 






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