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J van E

PFPX flightplans in Dropbox on iPad look like a mess

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I have no clue at all where a topic like this should be posted, so I am just posting it here... wink.png


I use PFPX to create flightplans. I then copy the plan into a text file (Notepad, Windows 8.1) and then drop the file in Dropbox. This way I can easily open the file in Dropbox on my iPad (Air 2) which makes it very easy to enter date into the Airbus MCDU (P3D 2.5) and to check where I am etc. So far so good.


I suddenly have a problem though: the plans looked great on the iPad, with all spaces and tabs etc. in the right places (using the Courier font), so the plan looked exactly as it does in PFPX. Very easy to use. However, after reinstalling Windows 8.1 and dropping a new plan in my Dropbox, the file looks like a mess on the iPad. All extra spaces and tabs etc. are gone! The weird thing is that the file looks great on my PC and also in Dropbox on my PC, but on the iPad it's a mess. This makes it very hard to use the plan during my flights.


Anyone knows what went wrong here and how to get a nicely formatted flightplan on the iPad? As I said, it did work like a charm before and I can't understand why a reinstall of Windows suddenly makes the plans look wrong in Dropbox on the iPad... Very odd.

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Jeroen, I do the same exact thing, except use an Android tablet. Having the flight briefing on a tablet is very helpful, plus it saves a whole lot of paper! When you copy to a text file are you using the "save" option under the "Flight Plan (OFP)" tab in the toolbar?


As a second option, perhaps worth mentioning, you can also use Foxit PDF reader to 'print' any document to a PDF file instead of a TXT. In this case you would 'print' the flight plan, but select "Foxit Reader PDF Printer" under the printer options, and then select the location where you'd like the file saved. 

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Thanks for the reply and help, Ethan! In the meantime I already did as you suggested: I installed a pdf printer (Bullzip) and it works like charm. Even easier than my previous method (which was manually copying the flight plan to a text file).

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