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FSX Changes and Tweaks I've made over the years

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02/04/15 Software Installed GEX North America Upgrade to version 2                            
01/21/15 Nvidia Driver Updated to 347.25                            
01/09/15 Monitor Upgraded to a 49'' LG-TV 4K for a monitor. Resolution set to 4096x2160. seems to be working OK so far                           
12/31/14 Software Installed Pseudo Fullscreen and AutoHotKey, must ''Run as administrator'' seems to work OK with any windows                           
12/17/14 DX10 Fixer Installed DX10 Scenery Fixer: V2.6 Build 66                            
12/15/14 REX Installed REX Latest V.3.8.2014.1211                            
12/05/14 Software Installed FSX Slower Highway Traffic by Ironhand...                           
11/30/14 FSX.cfg AFFINITYMASK FROM 63 to 28    Stop sound popping/crackling                            
11/23/14 Software Installed UTX (Ultimate Terrain X) Version 2.0                            
11/12/14 DX10 Fixer Installed DX10 Scenery Fixer: V2.5 Build 64                            
11/19/14 Computer MSCONFIG/Boot/Advanced options...Check “Number of processors” (6) and click 'APPLY' per DX10 How-to PDF file pg: 13 as of 11/18/14                           
11/02/14 Nvidia Driver Updated to 344.48....New driver enables DSR (Dynamic Super Resoultion) I don't need to use DSR                           
10/14/14 INSPECTOR Redid the NVIDIA Inspector Settings per......                           
07/07/14 AIRCRAFT.CFG instrument/gauge window ALWAYS ON TOP                           
06/07/14 Saitek How to Fix the Null Zone Problem with the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant                           
05/24/14 Computer Turned OFF “Indexing Services” for the 'C' drive to see if I get improvement in speed of FSX and X-Plane.                           
01/16/14 Computer Changed 'Priority Settings' via Task Manager for FSX & XPX, TrackIR, and REX from High to Real Time                            
12/20/13 Software A2A Shockwave lights now work while in day or daylight.. installing the ver 1.2a zip.                           
12/08/13 DX10 Fixer Steve's DX10 Scenery Fixer....Installed  Corrects some of the anomalies that occur when running FSX with DX10 Preview checked (ON)                           
12/03/13 INSPECTOR Antialiasing - Transparency Multisampling set to Enabled for the SSAA to work.                           
11/29/13 FSX.cfg Changed the SOUND_LOD=1  to  SOUND_LOD=0                            
11/24/13 Software DBS TWAS installed in some aircraft......Terraine alert warning system                            
11/16/13 Computer Using all CPU cores.....Start FSX go to theTask Mgr/Select FSX.exe/Set Affinity/uncheck then recheck 'All Processors'                            
11/12/13 FSX.cfg AFFINITYMASK to  ' 14 '    for 6 cores no Hyperthreading                             
11/11/13 Computer Paging File reset back to 1 MB (GB) after testing showing this doesn't matter to FSX...???                            
11/07/13 AIRCRAFT.CFG Lighting...To reduce the intensity of cockpit lighting.....                           
11/02/13 Computer Priority Settings' via Task Manager for Skype and Reminders from Normal to Low                            
10/31/13 FSX.cfg AFFINITYMASK FROM 255 to 63    for 6 cores no Hyperthreading                             
10/31/13 FSX.cfg FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.30 DO NOT set it to 0. Default is 0.33. The lower the number, the better the FPS, but also more danger of blurry textures and autogen loss.                            
10/31/13 FSX.cfg ForceFullScreenVSync=1 For screen-shearing problem but has not solved it….KOSTAS tweaks has 0 effect                           
10/31/13 FSX in GAME SETTINGS-REALISM (in game) Reduced some settings to help with easier landings                            
10/31/13 FSX FILES SKIDMARK TWEAK a ''FIND'' for skidmark                         
10/31/13 TrackIR5 TrackIR_5.2.2.Finalsoftware updated to:                              
10/30/13 GPU Triple buffering ON when ForceFullScreenVSync=1 in FSX.cfg                           
10/30/13 FSX.cfg AffinityMask=63 Use the Win7 calculator to figure Programmer View KOSTAS TWEAK                           
10/30/13 FSX.cfg POOLSIZE=0........(don't use this anymore per DX10 How-To of 11/19/14) Water Effects must be High 2.x or higher, otherwise you will get flashes.                           
10/29/13 Windows 7 Superfetch Stopped using 'Services'                            
10/27/13 GPU GPU Updated NVIDIA driver from                            
10/06/13 Task Mgr Priority Settings' via Task Manager for FSX, TrackIR, and REX from Normal to High                            
10/06/13 INSPECTOR NVIDIA Inspector changed 'Vertical Sync' to 'Force on'.  Then run FSX in FULL SCREEN mode to reduce tearing in top 1/4 of screen when panning.  ...This seems to be the BIG ONE for smoothness......                            
10/06/13 FSX.cfg MultiSampleQuality=8 per DX10 Notes pdf                           
10/06/13 FSX.cfg MultiSamplesPerPixel=4 per DX10 Notes pdf                           
09/29/13 FSX FILES Right-click on “fsx.exe”, open the Compatibilty Tab, check the box 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' and select Windows7 inside the box. Click APPLY and then click OK. Right-click on “fsx.exe”, open the Compatibilty Tab, check the box 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' and select Windows7 inside the box. Click APPLY and then click OK.                           
09/26/13 FSX.cfg TextureMaxLoad=9 the default is 6   can go as high as 30, in steps of 3                           
09/25/13 Windows 7 DirectX End-User Runtime...Installed update from Microsoft Website                           
09/17/13 FSX.cfg TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048                            
09/09/13 Software Steve's Shader Release v3.2.2 setup.bat file....Installed                             
08/30/13 Software EditVoicePack  ATC software to add new callsigns....Installed These new callsigns must be used in conjuction with a Flight Number.                
08/28/13 FSX FILES Altitude Callout added to planes that don't have this Boeing Altitude Callouts                            
08/28/13 FSX FILES Autogen/Default    Stutter fix......Modified the first line of the Autogen/Default file per: Bojote post in Avsim fix  simple  fsx  stutters                           
08/28/13 REX REX Updater software.   Reinstalled                             
08/28/13 FSX FILES Stutter fix.... Autogen/Default ..Modified the first line of the Autogen/Default file per:  Bojote post in Avsim fix  simple  fsx  stutters                           
08/28/13 FSX.cfg TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_BUILDINGS_PER_CELL=6000 prior setting was 2000                           
08/25/13 FSX.cfg TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL=6000 prior setting was 3000                           
08/25/13 Software AI aircraft touchdown effects. reduce the touchdown smoke effect                           
08/25/13 FSX FILES Light-Bloom     Sun Tweak for Light-Bloom                           
08/25/13 FSX FILES moom.bmp   Replaced the moom.bmp files in the Texture folder.                           
08/23/13 FSX FILES Sun Tweak for Light-Bloom                           
08/15/13 FSX.cfg Texture_Bandwidth_Mult to 40 now to 40 from 400 to 80 to 120                            
08/15/13 FSX.cfg HIGHMEMFIX=1                            
08/12/13 FSX.cfg UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=0 Set this in the game                           
08/05/13 Software DBS Airport GPS ...last revision was to 1.9.0 also installed today...                            
08/04/13 Software FollowMe2   Installed                            
07/30/13 Software A2A Shockwave 3-D lights  Installed                            
07/26/13 Software Groundhandling Gauges in Aircraft that have it installed now...Disabled ALL                             
07/24/13 REX REX Essential + Overdrive to Ver: 3.7.2013.0715  from  Ver: 3.4.2013.0715       Updated                             
07/22/13 FSX FILES ShadersHLSL Folder in it's Entirity to Fix DX10.....Replaced                           
07/21/13 DX10 Fixer FSX DX10 Rain Issue FIX: Applied...(No longer need to do this as this is now cntrl by DX10 Fixer)                           
07/02/13 FSX FILES Scenery texture files Replaced in the Scenery folder by using FSXTextureConversion.exe                           
06/26/13 Software Texture Max Load Editor.   Installed                             
06/26/13 FSX.cfg DisablePreload=1 added to fix vsync tearing                           
05/31/13 FSX FILES UIAutomationCore.dll         Replaced                           
05/20/13 Software Out of Memory OOT errors from NTCore's Homepage.  Installed a 'would be' fix for '                           
04/22/13 Computer HYPERTHREADING. Disabled  System went from showing 12 cores down to 6 cores and reduced CPU temps                            
04/22/13 Computer Cores UnParked per YouTube video demo:                           
04/20/13 Computer UnParked Cores per YouTube video demo:                           
02/13/13 REX REX Essential + Overdrive Service Pack 1 for Build  INSTALLED REX Essentials Plus OverDrive. Service Pack 1 for build    Installed Update                           
01/03/13 Software UTX Ultimate Terrain X to Version: 1.6       Installed an Update to 'Flight One Software'                             
12/23/12 FSX FILES ENB Series Mod into the FSX root directory.    Installed                            
12/23/12 FSX.cfg Bojote's Tweaking & Tuning in fsx.cfg file Installed                            
12/06/12 FSX.cfg Tweaking & Tuning Bojote's fsx.cfg file Installed                            
11/30/12 FSX FILES AI Traffic...Removed Standard AI Traffic                           
11/28/12 GPU EVGA GTX690....Couldn't figure out how to OC.... I think and hope it OC's itself automatically???                            
11/16/12 Software Out of Memory...Microsoft Fix for OOM...Processed the “fix it for me” to install fix....Desktop Heap                           
11/16/12 Software GEX Ground Environment X' to Version: 1.096     Installed an Update to 'Flight One Software'                             
11/07/12 Software UTX Ultimate Terrain X to Version: 1.5   Installed an Update to 'Flight One Software'                             
08/30/12 REX REX Essential Plus Overdrive   Installed                             
08/28/12 Software FLIGHTBEAM STUDIOS KPHX-HD Phoenix Sky Harbor.   Installed                             
08/28/12 Computer Antec Kuhler H20 620 Liquid CPU Cooler System Installed to try my hand at OverClocking                            
06/21/12 Computer CPU Overclocked using the ASUS AI Suite and figured out how to use the Fan Xpert                            
04/23/11 FSX.cfg HIDEINFOTEXT=0 to stop HELP TIPS from appearing?                           
04/17/11 REX REX OD (overdrive). Installed   Seems ok, Looks ok.                             
01/25/11 TrackIR5 TRACKIR5 with Version: TrackIR 5.1.3.Final    Installed    (turned out NOT to be the Final update)                            
 Software UTX Ultimate Terrain or Ground Environment X.   Installed     install UTX first, then GEX.                            

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